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Bei Qiu


Project Mánager, Scania

Location: Sweden


Certified ScrumMaster



Bei Qiu is currently working as a Team Leader/ Cross-department Project Manager in Scania IT. My role covers two responsibilities: Line manager for the contractors in the department and Project Manager for highlighted cross-department projects. I got to work in several highly prioritized cross-department projects which had the Scania IT senior management as the steering committee. I am a certified Scrum Master and a member of the Scania Agile Community. I'm good at different project management methodologies since I acquired extensive knowledge from assisstant teaching Project Management course (master degree level) in Stockholm University. In Scania, I attended internal trainings regarding Agile, ITIL, software development processes,project management and so on.


Before having become the team leader, I used to be a Maintenance Manager/Scrum Master in Scania ITs BI department. I was responsible for development of software products and all resources in maintenance. My team develops 16 systems and we run maintenance and support around them. The business users were all around the world. I strive for a good career and I believe that if I try hard, I will make a difference. This role was a perfect starting point for practising Scrum. I was sent to an external course in Scrum after my first month in Scania and therefore I got to introduce Scrum to the whole department.


I have studied two Master degrees in Stockholm University simultaneously: Computer Science and Business Management. Therefore, I have the advantage of being technical and having a good sight of the business. Meanwhile, I used to work as assistant teacher for master course Project Management in Stockholm University. I am hard-working and have high ambitions. I was also part time Chinese teacher on weekends and private teacher of a music instrument: Guzheng (a traditional Chinese instrument). I had my solo act in the Swedish konserthuset in 2010.

Work experience

Scania IT AB, Maintenance Manager
September 2011 - Present, Stockholm, Stockholm, SE
I'm a Maintenance Manager in BI solution group of Scania IT. I act as an application, process and resource manager. I want to utilize Scrum in my group and see the benefit from it.

Scania IT, Team leader
March 2013 - March 2015, Stockholm, SE
- Responsible for the department contractors, 24 people including onsite and offshore. - Responsible for highly prioritized Scania IT projects. - Implemented Scrum in the department and further in the cross-department projects. Certified Scrum Master and member of Scanias Agile community.


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