Bent Myllerup
Agile Coach and Trainer at agile42.
Copenhagen/Aarhus, Denmark


Enrolling as a boy scout in the 1970’s, it has probably always been Bent’s destiny to become an Agile Coach. However, the real journey started many years later with an education as a Systemic coach. This has been the center of his perspective ever since: Helping people and organizations to achieve their full potential is his primary mission. For that, Agile is a great platform and Systemic coaching is its valuable companion in his opinion.

Bent is based in Denmark where he is leading the local agile42 team. The Nordic culture, humor and mindset are great cultivators for Agile and Bent is actively using these as basics in his approach. In late 2008 Bent became the first Europe based Certified Scrum Coach (now Certified Enterprise Coach) and since then, he has also become a Certified Scrum Trainer and a Certified Agile Leadership Educator.

Bent is a member of the team behind The Hitchhiker's Guide to Agile Coaching which is aiming to be the de facto reference for Agile Coaches.

Bent has personal experiences in various contexts: From junior developer to being on the board of directors, working in a range from garage start-ups to internationally well-recognized cooperations. In the major part of his career, his responsibility has been leading and coaching people.

Bent takes agile approaches beyond software and has for a number of years been working with Scrum in an embedded environment of software, firmware, electronics and mechanics.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer, Bent brings his professional coaching skills to the classroom to work with students as they “cross the edge” from one mindset to another. He has an easy-going manner, yet razor-sharp insight into whatʼs *really* going on in the classroom.

Bent is a passionate owner of a sailboat and he has a couple of basses collecting dust in the basement of his family residence.

Work Experience

agile42, Agile Coach and Trainer (CSC/CST)
2012-03-01 - Present, Aarhus, , Denmark
Coach and trainer at agile42 in Denmark
TC Electronic, Agile Coach, Program Manager
2007-09-17 - 2012-09-30, Aarhus, , Denmark
Personnel manager, responsible for the software department of 20 developers and testers. Responsible for implementing Scrum as software development process and agile hardware development processes in the company as well as in TC Group. For TC Group, more specific TC Applied Technology in Canada and Lab.gruppen in Sweden, the assignment has been training and guiding the companies in their Scrum implementation and serving as coach for their local ScrumMasters and Product Owners.
Agile Coaching DK, Agile Coach, Owner
2007-01-01 - 2012-02-29, Aarhus, , Denmark
Independent consultant specialised in implementing agile development methods (hardware and software), team building and coaching.
Kamstrup, Agile Coach, Program Manager
2005-04-17 - 2007-09-16, Skanderborg, , Denmark
At Kamstrup the primary goal has been reforming the system software group from an organisation with almost anarchistic processes and limited success, to be manned by high performance teams who use Scrum to deliver quality software on monthly basis. Bent has been into program management in the company and has been in charge of projects that included overseas development groups
Systematic Software Engineering, Project Manager
1997-06-01 - 2005-04-15, Aarhus, , Denmark
Bent has primarily been employed as a project manager, but he has also worked as a developer in his first year in the company. In recent years, he was occasionally engaged in business development. Bent took an active part in the company’s effort in climbing the steps of the CMMi ladder by implementing and enhancing process improvement initiatives in the teams he was part of. In a 3-year period Bent was serving as a Working Director in the company.
Danvaegt, Software Engineer
1996-08-01 - 1997-05-31, Hinnerup, , Denmark
Development and implementation of weighbridge systems to customers in the gravel pits and ferry services industry. Bent made a great effort to bring the company into the object oriented world and to use real SQL databases in their solutions.
Gram Equipment, Electrical Engineer
1995-11-01 - 1996-07-31, Vojens, , Denmark
Specification of control panels and development of PLC programs for packaging solutions for the ice cream industry. One of Bent’s professional goals here was to bring aspects of designing software before implementing it into practice of the group he was part of.
Flex Products, Software Engineer
1992-02-01 - 1995-10-30, Haderslev, , Denmark
At Flex Products, Bent was responsible for the system software in the central part of their solution for remote reading of electrical meters. In his years of employment, he moved the system from being implemented in standard C to take advantage of the features that C++ offered. He was also responsible for drifting and maintaining the computer network of the company.
Engineering College of Aarhus, Laboratory Engineer
1991-08-01 - 1991-12-31, Aarhus, , Denmark
In his post educational time at Engineering College of Aarhus, Bent was employed in the area of building up a process control laboratory. This included developing amplifiers for controlling DC motors and research in neural networks.
Bang & Olufsen, Engineering Trainee
1987-01-01 - 1988-01-31, Struer, , Denmark
Bent took part in the development of automatic test systems for the production of television sets. This included the development of diverse electronic circuits for 19" rack systems and programming in Pascal Poly on the CP/M platform.