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Anderson Diniz Hummel


Location: Sao Paulo


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Registered Education Provider



I worked over 10 years in the Java ecosystem and have more than four years with Scrum projects. Professor of graduate and undergraduate in the technology field for over 6 years. Today I am Agile Coach at AdaptWorks in order to help professionals in the transition to the world of agility.

I have experience in architecture and product development and information systems on the Java platform using Agile or waterfall, portal tools, big data, linked data, data mining and decision support systems. I have worked as a member of Development Team, Product Owner, and ScrumMaster. Professor at undergraduated and graduated students and instructor of scrum, java, architecture, development and other agile methodologies. Experience with recruitment and selection, foreign trade, health, health plans, benefits provider.

I update this biography in early 2016 and my experience with Scrum continues to grow ;)

Trabalhei mais de 10 anos no Ecossistema Java em projetos ágeis e em cascata. Professor universitário de pós-graduação e graduação na área de tecnologia por mais de 6 anos. Hoje Agile Coach na Adaptworks com o objetivo de ajudar profissionais na transição para o mundo da agilidade.

Tenho experiência em arquitetura e desenvolvimento de produtos e sistemas de informação na plataforma Java utilizando metodologias ágeis ou cascata, ferramentas de portal, big data, linked data, mineração de dados e sistemas de apoio à decisão. Professor de Pós Graduação, graduação, e instrutor de arquitetura e desenvolvimento jJava e de metodologias ágeis. Experiência com recrutamento e seleção, comércio exterior, saúde, planos de saúde, operadora de benefícios.

Eu tenho mais de quatro anos com projetos Scrum, preferindo esta metodologia a qualquer outra! Já trabalhei como membro de uma equipe de desenvolvimento, Product Owner, e ScrumMaster. Atualmente também sou instrutor de treinamentos Scrum. Eu atualizo esta biografia no início de 2016 e minha experiência com Scrum continua a aumentar ;)

Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses


  • Scrum Developer Skills (Technical)

Work experience

Adaptworks, Agile Coach
January 2015 - Present, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
I work as an Agile Coach helping teams and professionals to go into the Agile World.

Adaptworks, Java Consultor
April 2013 - December 2014, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
During all of this time I work in team that develop a product for human resouce departament. In that product I developed the engine to search candidates, skills and information of then. In the last six month I also started to worked as Product Owner.

Emphasys, Consultor Java
December 2009 - March 2013, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

Articles I've written

Understanding the New Contract Mindset
Scrum values can be so different from an organization's old mindset that they don't make sense at first. This is frequently a problem when it comes to contracts.

It Is Really Cool to Use Scrum for COBOL Programming
I got some surprising results from a recent Agile class made up mostly of COBOL developers. . . .


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