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Annette Harder GmbH

Location: Karlsruhe, Germany


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Annette Harder

After studying fine arts in Karlsruhe I started working for an IT company as graphic and web designer. More and more my scope of functions merged towards developing websites. When the company started with the CMS TYPO3 I completely changed my task area and worked as TYPO3 Integrator.

In September 2011 this company started with Scrum, but not yet in the team I worked in. I followed the Scrum implementation from outside with a curious mind and after half a year I initiated the implementation of Scrum in my own team.

Since May 2012 I'm working as a ScrumMaster. At the same time I started working as ScrumMaster I also took place in a half-year scrum education. There I got a insight and a deep understanding of the responsibility of the ScrumMaster role and had opportunity to exercise my capabilities as a Scrum coach and facilitator accompanied by reflexion and self-reflexion.

I'm still working in the same company. Meanwhile I worked with several teams in different constellations and departments.

I enjoy working as a ScrumMaster and to represent the Scrum values. I regard myself as a "Quality Scout". I am happy to open spaces and minds for good solutions, being catalytic.

Work experience, ScrumMaster
September 2001 - Present, Karlsruhe, DE
From 2001 - present I work at GmbH
* 2001 - 2004: Graphic and web designer
* 2004 - 2012: TYPO3 Integrator
* 2012 - present: ScrumMaster

Since May 2012 I work as ScrumMaster. GmbH started with Scrum in one of three teams in sept. 2011. After half a year we implemented Scrum for all our developer teams and I started in one of those teams as ScrumMaster. At the same time I started the "Berufbegleitende ScrumMaster Ausbildung" of Dr. J├╝rgen Hoffmann in Karlsruhe, Germany. I work as ScrumMaster with different teams in different departments of until now.


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