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Transform your organization with Scrum! Turn your employees into a collaborative, productive, and successful team with the Scrum framework and certified Scrum practitioners. Here are a few Industry Articles in which organizations explain how they achieved success with Scrum.

[Video] How Agile is Fueling Innovation (Duration: 2:45)

How do Agile and innovation go hand in hand? Watch these experts talk about what it means to be an innovative Agile organization. More

[Video] Scrum Essentials: The Five Scrum Values (2:05)

To truly succeed in Scrum, team members must embrace the five Scrum values: commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect. Learn more about these values in the newest video in the Scrum Essentials series. More

[Video] Scrum Essentials: Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation (Duration: 1:57)

Scrum is one of the world’s most popular Agile frameworks, but what makes it so appealing? For one thing, it’s rooted in transparency, inspection, and adaptation—the three pillars of Scrum. Learn more about the importance of these pillars in this essential whiteboard video. More

[Video] Tennessee Department of Transportation Shortens Releases from Years to Weeks While Bringing Joy Back to Work (Duration: 7:07)

TDOT began their Agile transformation through their PMO about 4 years ago after the IT Director picked up a book on Scrum. Since then, they’ve completely restructured areas of the organization in order to make their Agile transformation successful, resulting in faster delivery and a more positive culture. More

[Video] Thrivent Financial’s Inspiring Transformation, Now with More than 30 Agile Teams (Duration 6:43)

Thrivent Financial began their Agile transformation with project teams and moved to permanent teams after a unanimous vote to continue working that way and with immense support from their leadership team. The primary business objective was speed to market, but they’ve realized so many more benefits that come with Agile adoption. More

4 Signs Your Scrum Team Is Struggling

Do you wonder whether your Scrum team is performing at its best? Here are four danger signs to watch for, and actions you can take to help. More

7 Skills You Need to Be a Great Product Owner

There is more to product ownership than owning the backlog and creating user stories. Product owners are versatile diplomats with a hint of storyteller. Learn what qualities help someone in this role stand out from the crowd. More

Agile Beyond IT: Targeted Marketing

Marketers are quickly finding that they can be more effective when they use customer-centric iterations rather than fully developed campaigns. Learn how a couple marketers have used Scrum and Agile to quickly respond to their customers’ needs. More

Agile Transitions for Managers

Agile transitions are just as much about transitioning existing leadership as changing the way teams communicate and cooperate. Here are some ideas to keep in mind to help your managers feel more comfortable with your changing world of work. More

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