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Transform your organization with Scrum! Turn your employees into a collaborative, productive, and successful team with the Scrum framework and certified Scrum practitioners. Here are a few Industry Articles in which organizations explain how they achieved success with Scrum.

[Select Repost] What Is a Product?

While some may find it easy to identify their products, others have trouble with this first step to approaching an Agile project. Read how Mike Cohn defines "product" and learn how to apply this definition to your line of work. More

[Select Repost] Why Scrum? The 6 Very Real Benefits of Agile

This post looks briefly at each of the six benefits of Agile: delighted customers, better ROI, cost reduction, fast results, success in a complex environment, and more joy. More

[Sponsor Article] An Introduction to Software Services Lifecycle Management

More and more, software is at the root of many businesses ability to succeed. People are updating the firmware on their cars, they are connecting their smartphones to their refrigerators, they are viewing the feed from their video doorbells from their desktops. Software is a commodity and it is the driving force behind the ever-growing digital transformation -- and how companies can develop, iterate and release their software can be the difference between sinking and swimming. More

[Sponsor Article] Case Study: Going Agile on a Grand Scale

​In early 2015, Agilent's Software & Informatics Division set a new priority: Improve the predictability of the group's performance. The need was clear. At one meeting to review the readiness of software two months in advance of its release, the team discovered 185 points in a backlog that had not been put into the scope of work. The product, already more than a year in development, was delayed another 4 months. The case wasn't an anomaly. The organization was meeting fewer than 20 percent of its release deadlines. More

[Sponsor Article] Implementing Scrum like a Jedi Master… or a Sith Lord, from Axosoft

This article will outline 5 agile practices that would help Darth Vader build a Death Star, but will also help you manage Scrum projects that are equally as impactful on the galaxy! More

[Sponsor White Paper]: Eleven Lessons Learned About Agile Hardware Development

A previous paper by the author, Agile Processes for Hardware Development, argued that a Scrum process should be effective for development of electronic and electromechanical devices. This paper from cPrime presents a case study of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s experiment with using Scrum to develop equipment for analytical chemistry. More

[Video] Agile Beyond IT (Duration: 6:27)

Though Agile began in the IT sector, many organizations are adopting it throughout all departments. What does Scrum look like cross-company and outside the IT industry? More

[Video] Agile Education Compass (Duration: 5:22)

What does it mean for an educator to be Agile? Discover how the education community is adapting Agile to be used in a 21st century classroom. More

[Video] Agile Leadership (Duration 7:43)

When Agile is initiated at the team level, the leader is often not a part of the transition. This video spotlights several viewpoints on the characteristics an Agile leader has and needs to make an Agile transformation successful. More

[Video] Diversity in Agile (Duration: 3:32)

Agile women discuss how diversity is really about the first Agile principle: Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. More

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