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Transform your organization with Scrum! Turn your employees into a collaborative, productive, and successful team with the Scrum framework and certified Scrum practitioners. Here are a few Industry Articles in which organizations explain how they achieved success with Scrum.

[Select Repost] Scaling — What's it all about?

Jim York argues, in this blog post, that scaling Agile requires starting with the simple and progressing through practice to mastery. Here he offers basic steps to go from small to larger scale Agile. More

[Select Repost] Scaling the Product Owner Role

In theory, the product owner is one person. But in practice, managing a larger, complex product is usually a shared effort. But how can product ownership be split without resulting in decisions by committee and creating a weak or even inconsistent product? In this post, Roman Pichler discusses different techniques to help you scale the product owner role successfully, and he explains when each technique should be applied. More

[Select Repost] Splitting User Stories

Having trouble splitting user stories? This post gives a framework for knowing whether your user stories have the information and detail your team needs to develop a valuable product. More

[Select Repost] Succeeding with Your Agile Coach

Bringing in an Agile Coach is an excellent and likely necessary part of unlocking your Agile transformation. However, a successful engagement with a coach will have you more connected and active with your transformation, not less. So consider these 5 positive coaching engagement patterns. More

[Select Repost] Summarizing the Results of a Sprint

The end of an Agile sprint or iteration should be a relatively lightweight occasion. After all, it’s something that will be done at least once a month, and often much more frequently than that. So, it’s important that we don’t burden a team with any more process ceremony than necessary. Often a very simple sprint review is all that is needed. More

[Select Repost] The Agile Product Owner Responsibilities

The application of the product owner role varies greatly, as products and organisations differ. But Roman Pichler argues that there are two key factors that determine the duties of a product owner: the scope and the depth of ownership. More

[Select Repost] The Elusive Product Owner

The Product Owner's responsibilities are expansive and can sometimes last a year or more. How do you find someone who is ideal for "maximizing the value of the product"? Here are a few tips. More

[Select Repost] The Non-Social ScrumMaster

Being a ScrumMaster is all about relationships, right? But being effective means being good with groups of people as well as having quality one-on-one interactions. Learn more about the less social interactions that help develop a great team. More

[Select Repost] The Value of Pair-Coaching… What’s in It for You?

In this post, authors Geoff Watts and Andrea Tomasini argue that pair coaching has built-in supervision and thus allows for real-time observation and feedback on coaching style, presence, technique and effectiveness as well as learning from each other. More

[Select Repost] User Stories: Match the Goal to the Role

Do your user stories actually reflect the needs and desires of your users? This post offers a quick overview of what you should think about when creating user-centric user stories. More

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