Our Team

We are a small, for-impact organization with a big mission: to advance real-world agility that goes far beyond a test or a badge by equipping and inspiring the change maker in everyone.

Our cross-disciplinary Scrum teams are structured for service around our products: certification, coaching, community, and resources. Learn more about who we are and what makes our world of work joyful, prosperous, and sustainable.

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Mallory Albertson


Mallory is a problem solver and a snappy dresser. Her stint at a local comedy club is likely the reason she handles our community’s questions with professionalism and humor.

Paul Ballew


Paul crafts software with mad programming skills. While his code is compiling, we get to hear his other mad skills as he jams on his electric guitar.

Jada Bolar

Program assistant

Jada is the go-to for course creation, administrative work, and just about everything else. She’s also passionate about social media, marketing, and branding.

Tristan Boutros


Tristan leads with enthusiasm and an agile mindset. He is an award-winning author, public speaker, and business innovator with a passion for digital transformation.

Ian Carr

Product Owner

 Ian holds a degree in graphic design and enjoys finding ways to tell stories in new ways. He went bald by the age of 23 and has not had to buy a bottle of shampoo since. 

Teddy Carroll

Agile Coach

Teddy has a ton of agile coaching tricks up his sleeve, but his superpower is knowing how to connect and help people find their own aha moments.

Candice Chuppa


Candice is an Events Specialist who is instrumental to the creation of fun, fulfilling agile gatherings. She also loves to travel and is a dog mom to two pitbulls, Penny and Joe.

Renae Deiter


Renae is into storytelling, graphic design, SEO, and web usability. She is intrigued by the evolution of media. She also loves exotic houseplants and cooking international cuisine.

Ashley Drake


Ashley enjoys helping people achieve their dreams. She also loves a cozy coffee shop, and a fresh snowfall on a snowshoe trail, and helping to answer questions.

Nolan Faulconer


Nolan has been working in an IT/Support role his whole life. He also loves escaping into sci-fi/fantasy, gaming, exploring, family and helping others. Oh yeah, and food.

Rebecca Federspiel

Curriculum Designer

Rebecca is a long-time educator and curriculum writer. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking and gardening, and hiking with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

Abby Folker

Program assistant

Abby is an avid traveler who recently completed an AmeriCorps year of service. Her companion is a black lab named Padfoot. They enjoy camping, hiking, and reading together.

Kim Gaiennie


Kim Gaiennie (like “Kanye”, with a “G”) is passionate about event operations, and reducing barriers and distractions for participants. She is also a newlywed with two fur babies.

Rob Hill

community support

Talk to Rob about water chesnuts and why they should not be a food.  You should also chat with him about our community's pain points and how we can improve their lives.

Dana Hobaica

HR Business Partner

Dana works to empower others and to foster a culture of equity, belonging, growth, and development. She also enjoys the many adventures of life with her family.

Harmony Jones

Product Owner

Harmony runs data-driven marketing experiments to gain insights into what type of content resonates with users. When that’s not happening, she’s playing piano and herding cats.

Mark Joy

Program Specialist

When he’s not creating amazing collaborative learning experiences, you can find Mark cheering for the Celtics or taking a nature walk with his partner and cat.

Melissa Katz

Art Director/Designer

Melissa helps us define, differentiate, and bring our visual story to life. She also coaches field hockey goalkeepers, plays pickleball, and brews her own chai.

Sean Kerstiens

Software engineer

Sean is a team player who enjoys problem-solving and bringing our ideas to life. When he's not coding or analyzing data, you can find him mountain biking, watching sports and hanging out with his family.


community support

Reading a good book, exploring a cute mountain town, being curious, enjoying a nice hike, and helping humans are just a few of the things that bring Karina happiness.

John Kropka

Software engineer

If there’s a computer bug that needs squashing or new feature to be created, call on John K. He’s our super Rails application guru and resident lover of horses.

Lisa Emmerman Lahue


When not working on her next event, Lisa is with her family, two dogs, and one hedgehog. Lisa also loves taking photos and traveling to new destinations.

Laura Lee


Laura enjoys obstacle course races and her dog. She also enjoys rocking spreadsheets and tracking numbers down. She really holds us accountable.

Molly Lord


From drafting strategy to managing social media to graphic design, Molly is a "Jill" of all trades in marketing. She nerds out over film & tv trivia and coffee shops with oat milk.

Pablo Lozano

Graphic Designer

Pablo brings the vision to life with his digital and print design. He lives to collaborate and brainstorm, collect vinyl records, and spend time with his family. 

Tess Martin


Tess is passionate about creative, engaging content that moves readers to action or answers their questions. She also loves spending in the Colorado backcountry.

Erika Massie


Erika focuses on collaborating and building quality education and program design. She also finds joy in traveling, modern art, and being like Marie Kondo at home and at work.

Dave Maurer

Software engineer

Dave is usually the first one to arrive in the morning after a full stack workout. He then geeks out on full stack development. And speaking of geeking out, two words: Star Wars.

Carol Miller

Scrum Master

When she's not partaking in a witty pun exchange or writing inspirational copy, Carol clears the way for the product team to deliver value to Scrum Alliance members.

Dave Mueller

software engineer

Computers, Music, and Sci-Fi are Dave's favs. When he's not building amazing apps, you'll find him rocking guitar and training up his 3 boys in the ways of the force.

Renee Mzyk

chief operating officer

Renee makes sense of of all our organizational priorities and makes sure all the teams are aligned to provide the utmost value to our members.

Solly Poprish

Program Specialist

When Solly’s not developing educational content and programs, she’s nurturing her creative side with music, yoga, museums, and being outdoors.

Lisa Reeder

product owner

Lisa’s DNA is engrained here as she’s strategically and collaboratively built programs and certifications from the ground up.  What keeps her going is her family, fur babies, and wine.

Mary Rockwood

community support

When Mary isn’t focusing on her clients, or discovering coffee shops, she loves spending time with her family, exploring small community main streets, and being outdoors.

Sarah Roddis

scrum Master

In between String Cheese Incident shows, Sarah makes life as smooth as possible for everyone from scheduling meetings to planning the perfect retro.

Lina Ruban

QA Analyst

Lina likes fighting and eliminating software bugs. She also likes to explore new places, play social deduction games, and spend time both with her two daughters.

Sandra Ruiz


Sandra is our go-to person for inspiring leaders through community connection and events. She also has a smile that will melt away the worst of days.

Elena Silva

Legal Coordinator

Elena makes things run smoothly and enhances the experience of team members. She has perfected the balance of embodying the personas of both couch potato and avid hiker.

Angie Stecovich

director of finance

Angie works with teams to innovate and bring agility to the accounting realm- and she does it with a smile. Her other passions include her kids and collecting plants. 

Stacy Summers

Human resources

Stacy works with team members to help them with any and all HR related items. She likes country music, going to concerts, and relaxing with her husband and kids.

Amber Todich


Amber makes sure everyone is happy and everyone is paid. She brings laughter and joy to the office with her sense of humor and sometimes in the form of her new baby.

Renee Wright


For 12 years, Renee has built community experiences that enable collaboration. She can also crochet a blanket while baking a pizza crust and yelling at her chickens.

Mike Zopes

IT Support

If there is any computer or other technical trouble around, Mike is the guy to call. He enjoys gardening and drag racing. He also makes some mean BBQ.


Our Board of Directors


Michael Meissner


With an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for leveraging technologies, Michael enjoys new and innovative solutions to solve our healthcare challenges (and 3D technology).

Marjan Pouran


Marjan oversees audit, governance and finance committee keeping our organization compliance and mission in heart. She likes traveling, tech trends, and fashion.

Søren Filbert

Board Member

As a Board member, Søren aims to lead both a company and its people, to forge a clear path ahead and to create motivation towards a transformative and meaningful vision.

Aanu Gopald

Board Member

Over the last 20 years, Aanu has lived, studied, and worked in three continents, positively impacting lives and organizations around the world through a multifaceted career.

Malene Jacobsen

Board Member

Malene has dedicated her career to empowering people to be the best version of themselves, and challenging companies to create the right environment for these people to thrive.

Picture of Michael Schiebel

Michael Schiebel

Board member

With a strong background in finance and technology, Michael is passionate about helping organizations grow and execute successful strategies.

Evelyn Tian

board member

Evelyn brings her deep insights in coaching organization transformation, agile leadership, product excellence and teams to unleash their potential.