Scrum User Group® guiding principles

With more than 100 groups worldwide, our Scrum User Groups are representative of the many cultures and viewpoints that make up the Scrum community

The guidelines presented here are a lightweight way to communicate the values all user groups associated with the SCRUM ALLIANCE® should strive to model.

The SCRUM ALLIANCE® User Group guiding principles focus on the goals of your group (gray post-its), attitudes to avoid (blue post-its), and attributes that will make your group stronger (green post-its). 

To create a SCRUM USER GROUP®, please ensure that your group meets the following criteria:

  • Someone in your group is a CSM or CSPO (and preferably a CSP) and is the contact person/lead for the group.
  • You have submitted a statement of intent to tell us why you want to create a group.
  • You have researched existing user groups in your area and, if any already exist, you can explain why your new user group should be added.

Download a User Group Leader application and start a group of your own!

Download the Idea Board.