Sergio Contreras


Scrum Master, OpenBet Technologies Ltd

Location: London, UK


Certified ScrumMaster


Sergio Contreras first approach to agile methodologies was as a student in 2002 during the European Conferences on Object-Oriented Programming. Sergio attended a workshop titled 'The Agile Unified Process' taught by Craig Larman. He was fascinated about the 'agile' idea applied to Software Engineering processes. 

Since 2004, he has worked in all phases of software engineering such as developing, testing, business requirements, analysis and design. These have allowed him to acquire a wide knowledge of the entire process and to fully understand why agile methodologies are needed to improve the efficiency of software processes and ensure quality of final products. He absolutely agree with 'Agile Manifesto' and in particular with the sentence, “The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.”

His good aptitudes for software agile methodologies are demonstrated by his Scrum Master Certified degree - London'2010 - and his experience both as a consultant and a Scrum Master to improve software processes. 

Work experience

OpenBet Technologies Ltd, Scrum Master
June 2012 - Present, London, United Kingdom


Scivisum Ltd, Scrum Developer
February 2012 - June 2012, Canterbury, United Kingdom