Swarnalatha Ashok


Chief (Advanced Technology Applications Practice), Institute of Systems Science, National University of Singapore

Location: Singapore


Registered Education Provider
Certified ScrumMaster

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Certified ScrumDeveloper Track
29-31 October, 2014
Location: Singapore, Singapore

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Agile Evangelists


Swarnalatha Ashok teaches object oriented technology, web services and Java technology at ISS, NUS, Singapore. Having been with leading manufacturing and consulting companies like D.C.M Data Products and Tata Consultancy Services in India, she has extensive experience in networking and systems software development. At Information Communication Institute of Singapore, she was responsible for managing and delivering courses on software engineering, UNIX and object oriented technology. Prior to this, she was in-charge of network management (cellular networks) software development projects at the Motorola Software Centre, Singapore. Swarna is one of the co-authors of a book entitled 'Object Oriented Prrogramming and Java'.

Approved Courses


  • Essential Practices for Agile Teams (Technical)