Rogier Konings


CSM / Agile Developer, Planon

Location: Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Certified ScrumMaster


Rogier Konings followed the Certified ScrumMaster because he is very much interested in making individuals and teams perform better and work more structured, more dedicated and more efficient. Through personal experience he discovered that Scrum and Agile software development is the ideal way to achieve this. Currently Rogier Konings works as a Certified ScrumMaster for Planon B.V. He ScrumMasters a distributed team located partly in The Netherlands (Nijmegen) and partly in India (Hyderabad). The team of 8 people, including Rogier Konings himself, contains all disciplines: a ScrumMaster, a functional designer, 3 developers, 2 testers and a technical writer.