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Organisational ScrumMaster, CST, Futurice Oy

Location: Helsinki, Finland



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Certified ScrumMaster®
25-26 August, 2014
Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Certified Scrum Product Owner®
28-29 August, 2014
Location: Portland, OR, United States

Certified ScrumMaster®
11-12 September, 2014
Location: London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom



Petri Heiramo: I am is particularly interested in looking at Scrum and Agile as a holistic approach to improving the competitiveness of businesses. I often finds myself in discussions where I emphasize the need for teams and businesses to focus on generating value, over managing costs, as a means to success. Be it in a project or in an organizational initiative, there are dysfunctions where small savings are made at the cost of significant value. I believe that those decisions are made simply because the decision makers are often completely unaware of the impact of their decisions in these situations. It is this mismatch between intent to work for the best of the company and immediate action that I wish I can help eliminate. I believe that organizations need to focus on customer delight, deep job satisfaction and relentless improvement.

I've studied and practiced Agile methods actively for more than 7 years, mostly from an organizational process improvement perspective. I was certified as Certified Scrum Practitioner in April 2007 and as a Certified Scrum Trainer in November 2008.

I've garnered over 13 years of experience in developing software as a developer, project manager, QA manager, ScrumMaster, process developer, coach and trainer - and experienced both the traditional and Agile approaches to software development. I've been involved in a wide variety of projects and, as a result, I've also seen the positive effects of Scrum on the human side of software development. Seeing people enjoy their work again, in addition to delivering high value, has been my greatest joy in Agile deployments. Of course, seeing a happy and engaged customer is great too, and so is instilling a new kind of pride and common sense in the work people do.

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Futurice Oy, Organisational ScrumMaster
August 2012 - Present, Helsinki, Finland
As an Organisational ScrumMaster, I ScrumMaster the organisation. My goal is to increase the performance of the organisation by removing impediments, asking questions, challenging and helping people, working at customer interface, training own people and customers, coaching, visualising information for transparency, finding right measurements, helping people see why we're doing this, and whatever else it takes.

Agilecraft Oy/Ltd, Agile Coach, CST
February 2010 - Present, Kotka, FI

I founded my own company, Agilecraft Oy/Ltd, to be able to focus on training and coaching Agile frameworks, and to free myself to work and learn at my own desires. I can choose who I work with and at what terms. I can also travel to meetings and gatherings, in order to learn from others and improve my own understanding of Agility. I love what I do, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my time working with my clients and providing great learning experiences for the people on my courses. 

CollabNet, Inc., Agile Transformation Mentor, CST
January 2011 - October 2012, San Francisco, CA, United States
As a member of an awesome trainer team, I ran trainings, both private and public, and conducted customer coaching in their Agile transformations.

Digia Plc, Process Development Manager
June 2000 - February 2010, Helsinki, Finland

At Digia, I started off as a project manager / technology manager / team manager / developer hybrid. When the company refocused in 2001 into Smartphone software development, I moved to QA team manager role, with also project responsibilities. That lasted until early 2004, when I became a Process Improvement Manager for software development processes. I stayed in that role until early 2010 when I left the company to found my own training consultancy. By that time my responsibilities had expanded to directing all process development activities in the company. Meanwhile, also Digia had grown from about 200 employees to over 1300.

For the last over four years at Digia I was promoting Agility (mainly Scrum and XP) internally for project use. About half my time was spent on training and coaching teams and individuals. During these years I realized that Agility is the thing I want to focus on, so moving onto my own consultancy was a logical move in the end.