Marcel Baumann


CTO, bbv Software Services AG

Location: Zug



Marcel Baumann is working in the software and technology industry since 1990. Starting as software engineer in an industrial research and development department he worked later as international coach for a major Swiss consulting company. The next steps were project leader and system architect for a complex industrial production system for the semiconductor industry.

He founded a software services company with two partners in 1995 and developed it from a start-up with three employees to a medium sized Swiss software services company with hundred and thirty collaborators. He is currently CTO and board of directors chairman.


  • Executive manager – responsibility with one partner of up to ninety skilled engineers -. He is founder and developer of new business units. The responsibilities covers strategy, marketing and sales, technology leadership, human resources, operations and finances

  • Chief Technology Officer

  • Technical sales and marketing manager

  • Business unit leader, project manager (Agile Scrum), project leader (Agile Scrum), requirement engineer, coach and software system architect, trainer

  • Languages: German (fluent), English (fluent), French (mother tongue)

  • Strong soft skills as mentor, coach and manager. His pleasant and friendly personality contributes to successful and positive teamwork within the company and both colleagues and collaborators appreciate to work with him.

  • Experience with international teams in Europe, Canada, USA and Singapore


  • Senior management position with a strong emphasis to build-up new departments, markets or line of products. The previous jobs and experiences have a strong bias to IT and technology oriented companies. I particularly enjoy CTO tasks and business development.

  • Integration activities as mentor and coach with colleagues and collaborators. Helping people and teams to develop new capabilities is a very empowering task.



Work experience

bbv Software Services AG, CTO
November 1995 - Present, Zug, Switzerland
bbv Software Services AG is a well-known service provider for successful customized software solutions for industry, med tech, finance and insurance companies. He is one of the founders of the company and one of the architects developing the company from a startup to an hundred persons company. During the development of the company had the role of CTO, sales manager, operative management. Currently he is president of the board of directors and CTO. The company employs 160 persons and has a turn-over of 26.0 MCHF in 2011. During the development of the company he took over various management responsibilities in the area of business development, strategic orientation, human resources development, marketing, technology selection. He worked as a major business development responsible, sales responsible and coach in customer projects. He rounded his experiences with the formation of executive master of corporate management. Project leader/Scrum Master, architect and coach for insurance and medicinal technologies companies. He worked also as J2EE architect for enterprise Java solutions. He is certified Scrum Master, Scrum Professional, Java and C++ developer. As a leading Scrum and agile approaches (XP, Kanban) expert worked to change IT and R&D departments to agile approaches for project development and application life cycle management. He coaches Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project manager and department mangers.