Kamlesh Ravlani


Location: Phoenix, AZ


Certified ScrumMaster


I'm a Scrum practitioner, coaching teams to agility and hyper-productive state. Passionate to help people grow.

I've been leading teams for over a decade now and lately been focusing on building hyper-productive teams. Some of the agile teams I've served have ranged between 40 to 60 team members, who worked in a distributed and multi-team programs. Two of my projects were designed to deliver maximum customer value with a one day Sprint. We released a working build to the client every single day while developing brand new application.

Recently, I've helped implement Scrum framework on large scale, end to end, multi-team projects in a regulated environment, wiith a team size of approx. 50. We use Kanban and Scrum and release newer functionality every one-two months.

I help establish right Agile processes for the team and organization, provide on-job training to team members, product owners and actively coach team members. I provide mentoring and coaching to various other PMs / ScrumMasters migrating from traditional software development processes to Scrum.

Areas of my interest are, building and coaching hyper-productive teams, enterprise transformation and coaching using positive psychology.