Jerry Rajamoney


Agile Coach, EMC Corporation

Location: Bangalore, India


Certified Scrum Coach
Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Product Owner
Certified ScrumMaster

Groups I belong to

Agile Bangalore


Jerry Rajamoney is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Practitioner (CSP) and a PMP having around 13 Years of experience in the industry with good experience in Requirement Gathering and Analysis, Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and release process. Involved in various Estimation techniques, Architecture Review, Design Review and Implementation of projects at client locations with Post release support and Production Support. Well experienced in Customer Account Management, Delivery management, Project and People Management.

Handled and Worked projects which are N-Tier architecture based, Web Services, 3rd party web service integration, Client / Server based. Highly experienced in the areas of custom software development using Client / Server applications or Web based with web service integration. Expertise lies in Developing and maintaining effective Business Relationships, Managing Offshore Support centers, Offshore Development Center’s, Technology Management for Business Partners based across the globe.

Well experienced in managing and handling projects in various development life cycles like Water fall, Iterative and Agile methodologies (Scrum).

Have Strong skills in Vendor Management and Delivery Management. Experience in developing long- and medium- term plans supporting business requirements and solutions.

Excellent written, oral communication, and Inter-personnel skills, and the ability to address, analyze and resolve diverse and complex issues. Expertise in people management, Appraisal, motivating and building project teams from scratch to the required number of resources in short span of time.

Articles I've written

Empowerment: The Missing Ingredient for Scrum Teams
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Software Craftsmanship and Empowerment
Introduction When was the last time you wrote a code that was not protected with unit test/refactoring? When was the last time you fixed a bug reported in a legacy code base that was full of bad code? When was the last time you saw a class with m...

ScrumMaster Maturity Model
We are all aware that Scrum is the most widely used Agile development framework today in the software industry. One of the interesting roles Scrum introduced is the ScrumMaster role. This ScrumMaster role is unique, and some of the key expectations are . . .

Two Important Coaching Practices to Be a Successful ScrumMaster
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