Joseph Albanese, BBA, MBA, CSM


Vice President of Software Development, Listingbook, LLC

Location: Greensboro, NC



Certified ScrumMaster

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I currently manage several developers and serve as Vice President of Software Development and ScrumMaster of two Agile teams. For the past six years I have helped maintain legacy systems and conversions for a top real estate software company and led mobile development initiatives.  My entire professional life has been devoted to software and the Internet. I began nearly two decades ago when I publish a successful retail Windows cleanup utility called Software Remover Plus (aka WinCleaner). The product was sold in Tiger Direct catalogs and through direct marketing by Parsons Technology. Localized versions were sold in Japan, Italy, and Germany. I later co-founded an Internet Service Provider and hosting company called Sitestar that is today publicly traded. As Web technologies improved, so did my skillset and I authored a number of HTML/JavaScript based products including and 

Keeping my development skills current has always been important to me as a manager. To that end I have endeavored to become an accomplished iOS developer and I have built Web services using a number of back-end technologies to deliver enterprise content to mobile devices. In addition to my work at Listingbook, I follow my passion for mobile app development with consumer products I work on for fun including Debtaculous and, both of which are available in the App Store. Besides iOS, I also have experience with Web and Hybrid mobile development, as well, using HTML5/CSS3 Cordova, Appcelerator, Bootstrap, and others. I have experience building responsive design applications in HTML and iOS.

In addition to my technical skills, my business experience and dual business degrees (BBA and MBA) provide me with an in-depth understanding of the business value that new software products and features bring to companies. This is especially valuable when forming product strategies and priorities.