Sameera Randika Bandara Gunathilaka



Certified ScrumMaster


 Sameera Gunathilaka

NO: 315, Jayapura,

Hingurakgoda, Sri Lanka. 51400.

Mobile: 0094772629516. Email:

Career Objective

Self motivated Engineering professional with excellent inter-personal skills, works with confidence to become an expert in Engineering, seeking a professional position in Computer Engineering

To enhance the Knowledge & Skills while fully contributing the company to achieve ultimate targets.

Personal Details

Name with Initials


Gunathilaka H.W.S.R.B.

Name Denoted by Initials


Heva Walpitage Sameera Randika Bandara

Present Position


Software Engineer

Date of Birth       








Sri Lankan

Marital Status



Current Location


Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Mailing Address


No: 315, Jayapura, Hingurakgoda, Sri Lanka. 51400



Contact Number










Education Qualifications

 Higher Education

Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.    

B.Sc. Engineering (Hons) specialized in Computer Engineering.

GPA: 3.45 out of 4.00 with second upper class.

Technical Certifications

  • Successfully completed Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Certification requirements of Scrum Alliance.

Score โ€ 100% (Full marks)


  • Successfully completed Cisco Career Certification requirements and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA (642-802)

Score โ€ 987 (out of 1000), Cisco ID โ€ CSCO11791752

Secondary Education

  Royal Central College, Polonnaruwa.  

Professional Experience 

Software Engineer at Industrial and Financial Systems.

From 18th January of 2011.

  • Good technical and functional Experience with a global ERP solution which has component based architecture with three clients (Centura Client, IEE and Web clients) translated in to 21 languages.
  • Development and support experience with Storage Tire (Oracle), Business Logic Tire (PL/SQL).
  • IFS Enterprise Explorer (C# .net Application8- MVS 4.0 Application75 MVS 3.5), Web Client (Java) and Centura client (Centura-SAL language) Development experience.
  • Focused on Maintenance and Engineering, Service and Asset development product areas.
  • Experience in cross product handling with finance, HR and distribution products areas.
  • Experience of working in a global team with the agile concept.
  • Daily communicating and working experience with global teams and customers.
  • Project experience with IFS application 8 release (focused on Service and Maintenance)
  • Product support experience with IFS application 7 and 7.5.
  • Product development experience with App8 with strong knowledge on product developments LC.

  • Certified Scrum Master of the team and help the team to use Scrum framework to move with agile software development.

Trainee Network and System Engineer at Millennium IT (Pvt.) limited, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

From 15th June of 2009 to 15th December of 2009. (Six months)

Worked cross-functionally within a customer focused, multi-site environment, maintaining the delivery of planning, Designing and implementation of Cisco based network technologies.

Training Project Experience & Accomplishments

  •  Cisco VSS (Virtual Switching System) implementation in Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel.
  •  Cisco VSS (Virtual Switching System) implementation People’s Bank Head office & Thalangama.

Existing LAN was upgraded to the Cisco 6509E VSS platform, Firewall Service Module and the Application Control Engine and provided the Cisco VSS functionalities. New catalyst 6509 switches ware added to the access network to support new functionalities given by the core switch.

  • Cisco WAAS (Wide Area Application Service) implementation at MIT. 

Two wide area application engines (WAEs) are placed and configured the network to Minimize unnecessary WAN bandwidth consumption through the use of advanced compression algorithms. And configure virtual blades to provide local services.

  • Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control) Design & implementation 

        Using Cisco Clean Access solution enforced security policy compliance on all devices seeking to access network computing resources, thereby limiting damage from emerging security threats such as viruses, worms, and spyware.

  • VoIP technologies implementation with Asterisk and Cisco call manager.

        Implemented an Asterisk PBX and integrated with the existing LAN to connect SIP users in real-time & placed a SiSky server to connect Skype users with the internal VoIP users and analog phone users.

University Project Experience


  • Final Year Project: Scalability, Flexibility and Speedup of Encryption algorithms on an FPGA.

Developing Nios-II Soft processor to run AES & 3DES and Implement in various architectures these Encryption algorithms on FPGA in hardware logic using VHDL, finally make the best architecture with hybrid of both implementations with help of IP core components.(Experience: C++, VHDL)

  • Dynamically responsible LED Display with inbuilt Keyboard

80*5 LED display connected a Keyboard to change the sentence it is displaying and rotating. PIC16F877A microcontroller was programmed in microC (Experience: micro C)

  • Fully functioning Washing Machine Emulator 

User can change the time for each Prewash cycle, Spin cycle, Rinse cycle, Drain cycle, Dry cycle and load. It gives two directional rotations with Load, Temperature considerations.PIC16F877A was programmed using assembly language. (Experience: micro C)

  • Web based Traffic Light Management System.

It can change the time of traffic light’s colure RED, GREED & YELLOW for each road according to current traffic. Parallel port programming in C & PHP is used for development. (Experience: C & PHP)

  • Dictionary supported Text writer for Mobile Phones 

It is a simple text writer and the dictionary is supported up to 10000 words in English. J2ME is used with data structured algorithms to minimize the processing power & time. (Experience: J2ME)

  • Dynamic Web page Generator  

Web page is automatically generates when the objects are changed dynamically. Sell Scripting in GNU environment is used to generate HTML WebPages. (Experience: HTML, Sell Scripting)

Extra-Curricular Activities


  • Member of the debating team of the Batch (2005) 
  • 1st Place of the Badminton Double men match in Engineering Faculty Meet
  • 3rd Place of the Football matches in Engineering Faculty Meet
  • 3rd Place in Akbar Wrestling Campaign under 65Kg
  • Active Member of the Faculty Art Circle & ACES(Association of Computer Engineers)


  • Leader of the school debating team in 2003, 2005
  • Senior prefect of the School in 2001, 2005
  • Senior Scout member of the School  in 2000, 2005
  • Head prefect of the Daham school(Buddhism) (2002-Bosath daham pasala PL)  in 2002
  • Former active member of the Red cross society and Life Saving Association (Swimming)

Computer Literacy

  • Sound and complete Knowledge on OOP
  • Programming skills with java, j2me, C, C#, assembly, VB6, CSS, HTML
  • Working experience with .NET  4.0 and 3.5 platforms, java SE Platforms
  • Experience with PHP, javaScript, MySQL, LAMP technologies.
  • Working experience with Amino, Axis, Cisco, 3COM products and Asterix IP PBX
  • Well experienced skills with Flash, Photoshop, Dreamviewer
  • Joomla and Moodle Management Systems , Media-Wiki Implementation & working experience 
  • Professional Documentation with LaTex
  • Experience with apache ofBiz enterprise automation softwar


Dr. Roshan Gabriel Ragel

Mr. Chatura Yapa

Senior lecturer

Department of Computer Engineering,   

Faculty of Engineering,            

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.



Consulting Engineer (Voice Team)


NO: 48 , Marcus Frenando Mawatha,

Colombo 07. Sri Lanka.










I hereby certify that the above particulars furnished by me are true & accurate to the best of my knowledge.

                                                                                                                                                                Gunathilaka H.W.S.R.B.