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Zoran Vujkov


CSP, CSM, CSPO, Agile Coach, AgileNS

Location: Serbia



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Zoran Vujkov, experienced Agile Coach since 2008, certified CSP, CSM, CSPO and SAFe Practitioner. Proven record of moving companies from waterfall to Agile way of software development using different Agile frameworks. In 2008 I was introduced to Agile and Scrum in SonyEricsson, where I was appointed as Scrum Master (SM) during 2009 to ensure that Scrum was followed by 3 teams. I helped teams to use inspection, adaptation and transparency to guide their work, to reflect on how to become more effective, and adjust their behavior accordingly. This experience helped me to learn basic elements about Scrum and how to apply Scrum in big company. During 2010/2011 I was Agile coach in Promethean where I rolled out Scrum to all development. I led two teams as SM by enforcing rules of Scrum, maximizing Scrum benefits and rolling out CI and TDD to ensure that quality was built-in from the start. This experience helped me to further develop my Scrum knowledge and to learn importance of good engineering practices. During 2012 I was Agile coach in Barclays responsible for Agile Enterprise transformation. I trained and coached different teams about Agile. This experience helped me to learn importance of understanding the company's culture before applying Agile. I learned that it wasn’t enough to apply Agile only within development, it was very important for Agile values, principles and mindset to be part of company culture. From 2013 to 2016 I was Agile coach in Schneider Electric DMS, responsible for Agile Enterprise transformation, scaling up Agile using SAFe, and rolling out of engineering practices like CI, BDD, User stories. I trained and coached over 50 teams in understanding, enacting and adopting Scrum and SAFe. This experience helped me to understand that reducing dependencies in product backlog, between team members and within software was critical for successful of Agile scaling. Now I am Agile consultant in Telenor Serbia responsible to help with Agile transition.

Work experience

Telenor, Agile Coach
December 2016 - Present, Belgrade, RS
As an Agile consultant in Telenor Serbia I am responsible to help with Agile transition. My responsibilities includes: - Initial Agile assessment - creating a plan for further roll out of Scrum framework - delivering in house training which includes: Agile intro, Scrum, User stories, Agile estimating and planning - creating backlog of impediments regarding Agile transition - performing a role of Scrum Master in one team and coach and train new Scrum masters - consultancy to existing Scrum teams. - mentoring/coaching designated new teams in implementation of Scrum framework on the job - exposing the Impediments with Scrum - providing additional trainings - evaluating of technical best practices - Agile tools exploration - retrospective (Inspect) – review projects, metrics, and impediments - adapting – based on retrospective modify master plan for Agile implementation - support SM and PO community of practices - defining best model for agile way of working within MyApps, especially in the areas of: o Process adjustments (project portfolio management, risk, sourcing…) o Roles and responsibilities o Resources/competences o KPIs definition

Schneider Electric DMS NS, Agile Coach
October 2012 - November 2016, Novi Sad, Vojvodina, RS
Responsible for Enterprise Agile transformation and scaling up Agile within Schneider Electric DMS; Responsible for roll out and deployment of Agile frameworks (SCRUM, Kanban, SAFe), Agile practices and techniques (Continuous Integration, BDD). Led, trained and coached the organization in understanding, enacting and adopting Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. Defined, implemented, established, monitored and maintained SDLC, development processes and procedures and release management in accordance with Agile; Achievements: ■ Successfully led Agile transformation of Schneider DMS R&D office by: ○ defining and implementing transition model from traditional waterfall methods of SW development to Agile methodologies for R&D department of 220 SW and QA engineers. ○ reorganizing teams which worked in vertical silos into 25 SCRUM teams responsible for end to end feature/product/solution. ○ transferring company’s SW release strategy from the annual to the quarterly releases with significantly improved quality, milestone achievements and customer satisfaction. ○ playing the pivotal role in continuous development process improvement. ○ continuously promoting and encouraging 'commitment culture' and collective ownership ○ identifying and instantiating 25 Scrum Masters and 25 Product Owners. ■ Trained and coached Product Owners how to maximize the value of the product and optimize the value of the work the Development Team does by defining requirement using User stories, and by ordering the items in the Product Backlog to best achieve goals/vision. ■ Trained and coached Scrum Masters how to increase the effectiveness of Scrum in the organization and ensure that the team is fully functional and productive. ■ Increased teams’ productivity 3 times by educating, training and coaching Scrum teams to adhere to the Scrum theory, practices and rules. Helped teams with self-organization and cross-functionality and how to create high-value products ■ Improved Quality of SW delivery by increasing number of Unit tests by 3500%, reducing number of defects by 45% and number of regressions by 33%, by applying different Agile Engineering practices (TDD, ATDD, BDD, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery, Incremental Design, Refactoring, Pair Programming, Collective ownership). ■ Rolled out use of CI for 25 SCRUM teams who were pushing the code to the central repository with 86% of successful CI cycles (NB/Unit test/Automated test/Static analysis) during release.

Barclays Bank, Agile Coach
September 2011 - September 2012, Knutsford, Cheshire, GB
Responsible for Enterprise Agile transformation and scaling up Agile within Barclays. Led and drove delivery of high impact, customer-centric Programs/Projects (web, mobile app and infrastructure) using Agile. Responsible for coaching and organizing different development, business and infrastructure teams how to use SCRUM and Kanban, to deliver product iteratively/incrementally with built in quality. Responsible for a creation of the user journeys and ensuring that each requirement was written from customer point of view by using User stories. Achievements: ■ Appointed to bring back on track and deliver high impact project (“Barclays Mobile Banking – Mobile two factor authentication”) based on in-house solution, after 3rd party failed to deliver the same project for 9 months. Successfully delivered project in June 2012 (after 3 months). The project was created in response to one of the top 10 Barclay’s customer complains. ■ Structured, organized, trained and coached “Collection website” Barclaycard project team how to use Agile practices. Team successfully delivered 4 months project in Q4 2011 to the budget and within original cost. The goal of this project was to deliver a new collections website via an externally hosted application, which enables customers to resolve their debt online. ■ Led successful completion of ideation phase for “Smart call” (feature within Barclays Mobile Banking app) project. Ideation phase included: creation of user centered design, envisaging and gathering requirements, envisaging architecture and infrastructure, identifying dependencies, organizing different teams into Scrum teams for development phase. The goal of this project was to improve customer experience when dial customer service helpdesk. “Smart call” was voted as “Most Innovative Barclays product” for 2012. ■ Successfully led Agile transformation of Barclaycard Technology office by: ○ creating and applying transition model from Waterfall to Agile ○ setting up and upskilling Feature and Core teams ○ fearlessly challenging organisational constraints that impede rapid value delivery ○ continuously promoted and encouraged 'commitment culture' ■ Trained and coached business teams how to use user centered design, write/apply User stories, create funnel of requirements as continuous flow with key maturing stages before they reach the development sprint, and how to prioritize requirements by using “MoSCoW” method. ■ Trained and coached development teams how to apply different Agile Engineering practices (TDD/BDD, CI, Emergent design) to be more effective and build in quality during development

Promethean, ScrumMaster
September 2009 - September 2011, Blackburn, Lancashire, GB
As a Scrum Master I was responsible for rolling out of Agile, in particular Scrum within a Development which included: - facilitation of change within development - explaining Agile to stakeholders - working together with management to identify and instantiate a Product Owner - training,coaching Product Owner and development team - performing role of SM for two teams Achievements ■ Led two teams as a Scrum Master by enforcing rules of Scrum, maximizing Scrum benefits and rolling out Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development to ensure that product quality was built-in from the start and maintained during sprints. ■ Two teams successfully delivered 3 Projects based on Windows/Max/Linux platforms on time, to quality and within budget (Budget of £0.3M, £0.6M and £1.1M respectively) using Scrum framework. ■ Helped team to Improve defect fixing by 20%, and to reduce regressions by 22.5% compared to previous projects.

SonyEricsson, ScrumMaster
March 2009 - August 2009, Warrington, Cheshire, GB
As a Scrum Master for multimedia team I was responsible for the Scrum framework, its correct implementation by enforcing rules of Scrum and the maximizing its benefits. Achievements: ■ Successfully rolled out Agile Project management with Scrum and ensured that the Scrum framework and Scrum practices were followed by team. ■ Effectively adapted Scrum to SonyEricsson organisation and internal processes. ■ Appointed to bring back on track two of the most important and complex applications of the 2009 SonyEricsson smartphone family (Cybershot®/Walkman®). Achieved on-time deliveries for 55 features and quality in line with project targets for Beta. Beta stage product was at comparable quality to existing shipping products. ■ Led and coached 3 Teams (3 x 6 people) as a Scrum Master to use the inspection, adaptation and visibility aspects of Scrum to guide their work to the required quality, to reflect on how to become more effective, and tune and adjust their behavior accordingly.

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