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Yuichiro Yamamoto


Agile Coach, (independent contractor)

Location: Hyogo, Japan


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Yuichiro Yamamoto is...

working for companies by training and coaching to help who wants adopt scrum for their projects. He hope that the work of the developer becomes more significantly and their product becomes more effective through Scrum.

It was after he attended CSM course in 2010 that he have begun scrum in earnest. Before it, he was one developer and was the leader who gave a menace.He had tried scrum before, but it did not go well.

Right after getting CSM, when his coleague asked to help a complicated project. He behaved so that members challenged facing a problem positively. Stopping showing techniques of his own, and think together so that they solved a problem. As a result, the member improved their work eagerly and was able to make the product clear which they were going to.

After experience of Scrum Master of 3 years, He left a division. He installed and got a new post as the coach to support other development teams. Then, he has been practicing to adopt Scrum in various projects and various environments.

In 2014, he became self employed.

Work experience

self employed, scrum coach, ScrumMaster
May 2014 - Present, , Japan
Helping organizations to apply Scrum, development teams to improve, as a coach. Assisting various companies having a hard time with getting rid of a conventional custom.

NIPPON CONTROL SYSTEM Co,Ltd., Kaizen(implove) Coach
January 2013 - April 2014, Osaka-city, Bakuro-cho, Osaka, Japan
I had been training/coaching to engineering teams in our company or other company. Teaching Scrum, Assisting their process improving, stimulating discovering their problems.

NIPPON CONTROL SYSTEM Co,Ltd., software engineer
April 1994 - December 2012, Osaka-city, Bakuro-machi, Osaka, Japan
I had worked on entrusted development projects mainly about traffic-control system. In 2010, I leaned Scrum at CSM course, and I had applied Scrum to my team and suggested to colleague apply too. Then I had been a ScrumMaster and It was start of my leaning. Our project was becoming enormous and complex. But our 2 teams ware adapted itself well, and released system without big trouble. Our team have grew 20 members 3 teams in 2 offices in 2012. I, as a ScrumMaster, came and went between 2 offices. I assisted each team to improve, and members of teams helped me by challenging positively.


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