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Yury Lytvynenko


Agile Coach, Partner, SCRUMGuides LLC

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine


During my career in the tech industry since 2005, I worked as a software engineer, engineering team lead, head of regional branch and lead of engineering department. This experience gave versatile expertise in engineering and management. In 2009 I realized the value of Agile approaches and focused on Agile as a philosophy and working method. As the partner of SCRUMguides, I have been helping clients to build efficient processes and strong teams since 2016. While working in Ukrainian and Western European IT companies as an engineer and lead of the department, I have gained immense experience of implementing engineering practices (CI/CD, TDD, BDD, Code Review, Pair Programming, etc). I often played a medium role between business and engineering team, helping them build efficient collaboration.


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