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Wei (David) Zhao


Agile Coach & Consultant, IBM

Location: Beijing


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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Wei(David) Zhao has experince of large scaled agile transition for telecom, bank, IT etc since 2012.

Before as agile conach & consultant he has done many different kind of software development from application to embeded system as developer, team leader and R&D manager.

From late 2007 after getting one day Agile training by Craig Larman in Beijing, David is becoming the fan of Agile and Scrum. He begun to do self-learning and lead team to try some Scrum practices for a long peirod. Around the end of 2008, David got CSM training from Yi Lv who is the first Certified Scrum Trainer from China. From that time David is leading the development team to do Scrum and also as internal coach and driver in Beijing to do sharing and internal training to the department and lead the department's Agile transition.



Work experience

IBM, Agile Coach & Consultant
June 2015 - Present, Beijing, CN
Currently I am fully enaged one big bank client to drive their agile transition. The main focus is to setup scrum team, and make aligned release planning among scrum teams, and coach scrum events daily, i.e. Sprint Planning meeting, daily scrum, sprint review, sprint retrospective. CI, Test automation, built quality in as part of DoD and working agreement.

Ivar Jaconbson International, Senior Agile Consultant
August 2012 - May 2015, Beijing, CN
As senior agile consultant. I have done many trainings and coahing for clients including telecom, bank, IT, manufacturing domain. The followings are some key examples about my agile/scrum experiences: 1. Two days scrum, lean, kanban training for manufacturing 2. One big multinational telecome client, as one of the external agile team for Finland, Munich, India and Beijing, I have done the scrum training for managers, then scrum master and PO training for key people, project manager, developer and tester team lead etc, then initiate the Scrum team by team, every team I have done about 3 sprints with 2-week length, the scrum team leaned from doing after kickoff training, the basic backlog grooming, spring planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective are construced. Meanwhile weely internal coach and SM, PO attended the agile CoP to address questions and sharing experiences. 3. One big Chinese telecom company, I have done the refactoring and feature separation hands-on coaching for R&D product line in order to do one track develpment, by programming interface and separation of concern, new codes are easly to be plugged into the existed code and by introduing feature toggle, the release can be released with future disabled feature codes. 4. The same above big Chinese telecom company, for their internal IT system, I have done large scaled agile transition for one proudct familay unit which has many products department. For every product deparment which has about 100 members including developer, tester, BA, managers etc., SAFe was used in the begining to form the cross-functional teams and change project manager to be RTE, and it's training and PI release planning as change managment events. Later LeSS was used to replace the big room PI release planning every month, but still every quarter the big room PI release planning meeting will be hold to build team and align product vision and balance the work load of every team and identify depencies among scrum teams. Besides the training for all the teams, I have done the coaching across teams, and will form workshop/meeting for every team's PO, SM and other representatives to solve the common questions. Meanwhile the BDD via cucumber was introduced to teams to do test automation and specificaiton by exmaples. Of course the CI was setup in paralle. Besides that as part of the agile transition change program, has done presentation for other non-piloted departments, and update CoP wiki to promote agile events and thinking. 5.For one nucleus electornic company I have done coaching about use case, and use case slicing to be prodcut backlog item, then use SAFe big room PI release planning to let a feat teams collabrated to discuss requiremnts, split requirements and make sprint plans. And in sprint let team do the story increment based on the skinny system which is the OOAD minimum architecture.

Nokia Siemens Networks, R&D Manager
July 2000 - August 2012, Beijing, CN
As R&D Manager I have been ScrumMaster to guide my team to do Scrum from the end of 2007. During this peirod the daily scrum first was introduced to team, then later involve tester to development team to form virutual feature team to do sprint. And automated unit test, refactor and CI were setup in parallel. Later Kanban was applited for the maintainance work. Meanwhile as deparment agile transition lead to drive the Beijing site of my business line to do agile transition. I have done many internal scrum trainings for other teams and managers, and as focal point to align the changes from product line HQ in Israel, contribute the ideas to Isreal site agile transition. In the end the whole department/product line in Beijing site has used Scrum and kanban to drive the software delivery.


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