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Vyacheslav Moskalenko
Agile Coach at Luxoft.


My overall experience of practicing Scrum with different organizations and teams is over 5 years.

In 2009 we were developing product for advertising and brand promotion for the mobile devices. For a long period of time we were practicing waterfall approach until we’ve got an opportunity to create new service which required rapid learning cycles and frequent feedback from our customers. It was clear that we need disciplined empirical framework for further development and we decided to try with Scrum. Since that I put on Scrum Master’s hat and helped my customers to understand methodology and Product Owner’s role. In general my first experience was quite good despite the fact we have struggled with tough deadlines and unrealistic goals.

In 2010 I was invited to play Scrum Master for new development team in the large program of the investment bank which already consisted of several Scrum Teams at the time being. The program in general was supervised by Craig Larman, who has influenced my mindset and deeper understanding of the Agile values and principles. I was acting more like a servant leader and my goal was to grow truly self-organized and motivated team. Being in Scrum Master’s shoes I spent my time pairing with other developers and practicing XP disciplines.

In 2011 I was promoted to the leadership position in the same investment bank (UBS), but in different location. The challenge was to improve scrum framework in the ongoing program as well as to start new scrum teams. I played Scrum Master’s role for the Scrum team and also supervised Scrum Master in another team.

Later in 2011 I was invited to join Luxoft Agile Practice as Agile Coach and consultant. For almost three years I was involved in full scale Agile transformations, consultancy, assessments and trainings. I'm designing new trainings and workshops to improve understanding of team self-organization, motivation, engineering and requirements practices.