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Timon Fiddike
Agile Coach at Freelance.
Berlin, Berlin


Timon Fiddike works as a freelance Scrum Master and Agile Coach, has previously worked as a trainer for developers and has a Ph.D. in computer science. While pursuing his Ph.D., Timon led his first team (5 people with strong intrinsic motivation) as a servant leader, took trainings on leadership, process moderation and management and generally enjoyed work very much. The next step on his career path was a managerial position at Bayer AG (120.000 employees) where he realized that this environment followed theory X and that we was unable to change that. He promptly set out to try many different types of work: He founded a startup and worked as a Product Owner. Later he and his colleagues restructured the company and he took on a developer role and part of the time also a Scrum Master role. Afterwards he worked as a freelance developer and Scrum Master, discovered his passion for the Symfony framework and went on to work as a trainer for web application development for more than 30 different companies. Almost all trainings were conducted at the respective client's site and lastet for 3-4 days, so Timon learned quite a bit about how these development teams worked. He was shocked to realize that 8 out of 10 teams were unhappy with their way of working and decided to change the focus of his work to contribute primarily in the areas of agility, productivity and satisfaction. He took a CSM training and intended to work as a Scrum Master, but then received a quite different offer and took this opportunity: As a Product Owner in a multi-team setting at a fast growing startup, he worked closely with two Scrum Masters to transition from component teams to feature teams. Following this assignment, he started his present work as a freelance Scrum Master and Agile Coach.