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Tristan Oertli


Consultant in Change Management

Location: Paris, France


Certified ScrumMaster


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Tristan Oertli

I have been working in consulting as a change management consultant for 5 years.

My mains experiences took place in Insurance Companies in France as I had the opportunity to work for leaders such as Generali, AXA or Crédit Agricoles Assurances. I consider other missions I have driven as very important also, because they showed me other possibilities with various state of mind and processes, all I am eager for. I worked for example a long time for EDF and Gaz de France (now GDF Suez) and for Ed (discount selling network in France).

Along theses 5 years, I had many times the opportunity of seeing the benefits of a SCRUM way of driving projects, as well as unfortunately the huge lack of it for most of my clients.

What I am to do from now on thanks to my CSM certification is to convince and support new clients to implement SCRUM in their scope

If you look for any sharing about the subject, how it is painfully ;-) supported in great consutling companies in France or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me. It is always a pleasure for me to share about this living way of thinking.



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