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Terrence Metz, MBA, CSF


Principal, MG RUSH Professional Facilitation Training and Coaching


Terrence Metz is passionate about using and teaching the FAST Facilitation technique to help individuals and teams make more informed decisions. In addition to continually updating the FAST curriculum to keep it current and relevant, Terrence had added and enhanced decision-making tools such as PowerBalls and the FAST quantitative SWOT technique (used worldwide by Fortune 1000 companies) to make the FAST technique more robust. He also introduced the concept of holism to the field of structured facilitation as a method for keeping discussions on target and aligning deliverables throughout an organization. Since 1999, Terrence Metz has worked with Morgan Madison and Company consulting and coaching businesses worldwide. Since acquiring the rights to the FAST Facilitation technique in 2004, he has taught over three hundred facilitation classes and nearly three thousand students. He is an expert group facilitator, instructor, and developer of workflow processes and Voice of the Market inputs that accelerate commercial success. As President of Morgan Madison & Co., and their division, MG RUSH Facilitation Training and Coaching, Terrence’s engagements have included strategic development, business planning, problem-solving, continuous improvement, organizational design, process design, customer cognitivity workshops, and market-based product development and launch. His clients include program and project managers, senior officers, and the business analyst community among numerous private and public companies and global corporations. As an undergraduate of Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and MBA graduate from NWU’s Kellogg School of Management, his professional experience has focused on process improvement and product innovation. His aspiration is to make it easier for others to succeed.

Organizations I Train Through

Approved Courses

Continuing Education

  • FAST: Professional Facilitative Leadership (5-day)
  • FAST: Professional Facilitative Leadership (3-day Intro)
  • Structured Agile Facilitator Training

Work experience

MG RUSH Facilitation Training and Coaching, President
January 2004 - Present, Richmond, Indiana, United States
President and Lead Facilitation Instructor for MG Rush Facilitation Training and Coaching.

Morgan Madison & Company, President
June 2000 - Present, Richmond, IN, United States
Morgan•Madison & Company is a business consulting firm providing research, analysis, planning, and decision-making support.

The Chicago Group, Vice President
July 1995 - June 2000, Chicago, IL, United States
Managed major capital projects

Tripp Lite, National Sales Director
January 1990 - July 1995, Chicago, IL, United States
Formerly known as Trippe Manufacturing Company. See


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