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Thierry Lach


Technical Lead, BBDO Detroit

Location: Troy, Michigan, USA


Certified ScrumMaster



Thierry Lach has been working with computers at one level or another for over 30 years.  After starting as an entry-level second-shift computer operator, he moved into Cobol programming for a steel distributor, and worked his way up to data processing manager.  He then joined a consulting group and worked on repetitive manufacturing software and Ansi X12 EDI communications packages used by automotive suppliers, becoming certified in production inventory management (CPIM) in the meantime.  From there he moved to the Dealer computer Services group of Ford.  While there he learned Oracle database, and eventually moved into the contract world as part of Compuware's professional services group, where he became a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).  After Y2K he moved to Ross Roy (whose name became Interone Marketing, then Pentamark, then BBDO Detroit, and then most recently was absorbed into the BBDO New York office when the Detroit office was closed), and while there learned Java, and became active in several open-source software development projects (on his own time), thus gaining experience in agile development, and was able to incorporate both the Java and agile experience in his job thanks to a like-minded supervisor.  He recently returned to the Microsoft world and is currently busy using Scrum and writing internal applications.


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