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Kanban Practitioner (Kanban System Design KMP I)
14-15 March, 2017
Location: London, United Kingdom

Kanban Practitioner (Kanban System Design KMP I)
12-13 April, 2017
Location: Dublin, Ireland

Kanban Practitioner (Kanban System Design KMP I)
25-26 April, 2017
Location: Johannesburg, Sandton, South Africa

Kanban Practitioner (Kanban System Design KMP I)
9-10 May, 2017
Location: London, United Kingdom

Kanban Practitioner (Kanban System Design KMP I)
13-14 June, 2017
Location: London, United Kingdom

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“Hi I’m Tom Reynolds. I am a passionate, self driven, energetic Agile Coach and Trainer; Change Agent and Scrum Master based in the UK with 25 years’ experience in IT and a proven track record of success delivering scalable, enterprise software to major blue chip clients and a proven ability to guide teams and organisations in their journey in agile adoption.”

Using Scrum, Kanban and other Agile practices Tom works with teams and organisations to create a trustful environment to help build the correct software solution the right way.

Tom believes that to be truly agile it is far more than just adopting a particular framework or process. You need to open your mind and free your spirit, you have to wholeheartedly embrace change, inspect and adapt everything you do, and be prepared to try and fail on the way to your goal. You must embrace your teams, trust them completely to get the job done, and create an inclusive environment that fosters trust, courage and transparency, whilst maintaining a sustainable pace at which they can work. You must fully adopt an agile mindset and only by doing this can you hope to become truly agile.

The Agile Mindset was formed in 2012 to provide Agile coaching, training and consultancy services to organisations and teams to help them achieve a smooth transition to agile ways of working whilst avoiding the many pitfalls that hinder the adoption journey.

With 25 years’ experience in IT; working within the financial services industry, leading software houses and with high street retailers such as The Arcadia Group, Waitrose, Grand Vision and Clas Ohlson amongst others, Tom has vast experience to bring to your organisation to help you achieve your goal of adopting agile ways of working.

Tom offers a wide range of in-house coaching and in-house and public training services to help organisations, teams and individuals with their agile journey. If you would like The Agile Mindset to help your organisation and teams then please do get in touch.

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  • Scrum Introduction (Intro)

Continuing Education

  • Kanban Introduction
  • User Stories for Agile Projects
  • Kanban Practitioner (Kanban System Design KMP I)
  • Agile Workshop


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