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Sim Xing


Project Manager, Websense

Location: Beijing


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Sim Xing's bio.

Software development project manager now. Previously Dev lead.

Started to study agile methodology from 2006. Obtained CSM in Jan 2012. During the past 15 months, I did the following things:

1. Ran three Scrum-like engineering projects.

  a. Project 1: three 4-week sprints 

  b. Project 2: five 4-week sprints

  c. Project 3: two 2-week sprints

2. Trained over 150 stuffs in the organization in Scrum and practice.

3. Coached all other six scrum-like projects going on during the past 15 months.


The so called scrum-like is because:

1. PO of those projects are not really from marketing. They are engineering funcational team leads.

2. The deliverable of sprints cannot meet PSP level except the project 3.

However, we do have the following things:

1. PO acted by funcational team leads. SM acted by PM. Cross function team made up of Dev and QA.

2. PB, SB, and daily updated burndown charts.

3. Sprint plan meeting, daily meeting less than 15 min, demo (by QA), retrospective (as sprint end), and fixed-cycle sprints.





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