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Søren Weiss Hansen


Agile Coach, Version1

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

+45 22373003


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



I love to learn new stuff and I enjoy to be challenged. I am a true passionado with an inquisitive nature. I work with great enthusiasm and dedication to help individuals and organisations becoming successful !

I work based on an agile mindset ( and I have a solid experience as a project manager (PM), scrum master, product owner and agile coach.

I work determinedly to achieve the goals in my personal life and in my career. Over the years I have learned that projects do not succeed owing to the technology, but because of the people involved and the way they work.

The combination of people, complex technology and ever changing requirements makes projects a universe of chaos and unpredictability. And the cooperation between the people involved is crucial for the success.

The people must take the centre stage. Setting the optimal process framework my focus is to offer the project participants help, support and coaching so the individuals can unfold their true potential. My approach breaks with the classic PM and welcomes the scrum master (

Based on the agile principles I work towards creating a strong culture with a winning mentality. On this basis my teams creates countless remarkable results!

I gain a lot of energy from working which gives my power and clout. I am very self-critical and I evaluate frequently. I like to be at the front setting the course, but I am very aware that a project does not succeed if the project manager crosses the finishing line without the customer and the project team.

Work experience

Mindtools, Partner & agile coach
February 2010 - Present, Tisvildeleje, Denmark

Project: The agile career development course™

Client Companies in Public and Private sector

Role: Partner & agile coach

Experience: 3.000 hours



Develop and maintain a strategic business plan for the company including an ambitious goal to enter new markets and gain a significant market share over a period of three years. 


Lead architect of planning and implementing cutting edge new concept (The agile career development course™) in a team of 5 consultants. Responsible for developing a toolbox for the consultant team to achieve maximum transparency of the business value chain. Introduce agile practices in the consultant team to implement a powerful highly manoeuvrable learning organisation. 


By 2013 the business platform is built on a unique combination of agile practices and coaching practices in a cognitive therapeutical environment.


I was responsible for:


• Developing and maintaining strategic business plans

• Developing and maintaining the IT-infrastructure (servers, clients, applications, security etc.)

• Creating and implementing an agile dev. process inc. specific agile tools for high profile projects

• Educating and supporting consultants in using the development process

• Facilitating workshops, retrospectives, demo meetings and scrum meetings

• Developing Marketing plans and implementing marketing initiatives

• Developing content for magazines, movie theaters etc. + exposure in social medias and blogs

• Recruiting external consultants

• Contract negotiations


I gained experience with:


• Self development practices working closely with psychologists and therapists

• Working with public sector customers

• 1:1 Life Coaching

• 1:1 Executive coaching


Added value to the organisation:


• Growth of ~700% in generated revenue

• Growth of ~500% in staff size

• Growth of ~350% in signed contracts

• Bring Mindtools in a position as first mover in the market

• Introduce leading-edge agile concepts in a coaching/recruitment company

• Generate a customer satisfaction score of 95 (out of 100)

• Maintain a constant pipeline

IBM, Project manager & agile coach
January 2011 - January 2013, Copenhagen area and Aarhus area, Denmark

Project: Agile Roll-out

Client Danske Bank

Role: Agile coach

Experience: 3.360 hours



Carry out a 25-months huge scale agile transition at the clients' site directly impacting 1.124 employees in 138 teams on two continents in a very complex and very political organisation with a 12-14 FTE Agile Coach team. The transition was one of the largest agile transitions in any organisation in Europe from 2010-2013.


I was responsible for:


• Carrying out Agile coaching and transition for 174 employees in 19 teams

• Carrying out tailored coaching courses for troubled projects and troubled teams

• Coaching, mentoring, supervising and training junior Agile Coaches

• Coaching POs, Business Rep's, SM's, Team Members, PM's, Dept. Man's and Executives

• Coaching executives (Dev. Man's) on e.g. how to improve leadership skills and delivery exc. skills

• Identifying and developing new agile practices, tools and standards

• Conveying knowledge of leading-edge Agile dev. practices

• Improving development model to include agile dev. practices (scrum and kanban)

• Establishing several international distributed agile impl.'s (Denmark and India)

• Conducting reviews, audits and evaluation of agile impl.'s

• Being the SM for the Agile Coach Team

• Preparing and conduct training events and workshops (½-2 days)

• Providing tool support for teams running virtual visual boards


• I gained experience with:


• Working on a huge scale agile transition impl. agile in waves

• Initiating agile coaching relationships every 3rd month for 25 months

• Dev. new teaching techniques and tools

• Dev. new agile coaching techniques and tools

• An agile dev. model


• Conducting workshops

• Impl. kanban

• Being creative, initiating ideas & innovative tools

• Establishing and working in an agile coach team

• Harvesting intellectual capital to build new concepts and tools

• Implementing agile in multicultural teams

• Establishing multicural interpersonal relationships

• Working on a long term contract as an ext. consultant

• Fluency in English



IBM, Agile mentor
June 2010 - December 2010, Copenhagen area and Aarhus area, Denmark

Project: Agile Implementation

Client Danske Bank

Role: Agile coach

Experience: 980 hours



Carry out a pilot preceeding a huge agile transition. The pilot involved 15 agile teams from selected department in the organisation. Carry out assistance to the organisation's method department to start working as an agile team. Gather and analyse collected data from the pilots to use for building an agile development model, an agile implementation plan for the whole organisation and a specific toolbox for the agile coach team.


I was responsible for:


• Carrying out Agile coaching for 17 employees in 3 teams

• Introducing the dev. org. and the business org. to working agile

• Implementing scrum in selected areas of the org. with the goal to gather experience and data

• Identifying inadequacies of existing agile implementation strategies

• Developing an agile enablement concept tailored for the organisation

• Presenting agile concepts to management 

• Acquiring backing to implement agile from all management levels

• Training and educating junior coaches and build an internal agile coach team

• Building parts of an agile development model

• Reviewing parts og the org. impl. and roll out for an org. with ~1.500 FTE's


I gained experience with:


• Working full-time at the client's site

• Presenting agile to executives

• Implementing agile as a pilot in a large organisation

• Identifying opportunities not obvious to others

IBM, Project manager & agile coach
August 2009 - May 2010, Copenhagen area and Aarhus area, Denmark

Project: EPM

Client IBM EPM

Role: Agile coach

Experience: 1.400 hours



Plan and carry out an agile transition at the development organisation site. The transition included two nationally distributed scrum teams. Project size was 20 FTE. The project was severely challenged with decreasing motivation in the team i.a. due to failed attempts to implement process improvements. Internal communication was poor with low trust in management decisions and initiatives. Cooperation between physical locations was poor. Project roles were not clearly defined. Knowledge silos existed. Too much time was used on fire fighting. The project members did not feel as working in a team.


I gained experience with:


• Being a consultant

• Performing agile coaching as a job role

• Facilitating the change process without having the PM mandate

• Promoting the benefits from working agile as a business case

• Implementing scrum in a team with much resistance

• Supervising and mentoring

• Obtaining agile metrics

• Adapting agile practices

• Executing distributed scrum

• Organising agile


IBM, Project manager
July 2008 - April 2009, Aarhus, Denmark

Project: detransition

Client Secretariat

Role: PM

Experience: 1.400 hours



Plan and carry out a detransition project at the development organisation site with a team of 5-7 FTE representing the supplier. At a national level the project was very important for several critical online service providers in the Danish national healthcare system. The business need was to close an existing large scale award-winning web portal including several 3rd party integrations. The project included closure of the existing portal. In parallel a new portal was built on a new technical platform by a new supplier. Hence, the project was highly profiled in all three organisations. The cooperation between the customer and the two suppliers was very intense with frequent deliverables and a very tight cooperation between the parties. Using an agile approach the IBM organisation was highly manoeuvrable using the most experienced agile team in IBM Denmark to complete the project. The project was delivered spot on time within budget and with a very satisfied customer and stakeholders. The project tearns as showcase to how complex projects can benefit from using an agile approach.


I was responsible for:


• Project management (5-7 FTEs).

• Managing migration course (from pre-analysis to project closure)

• Coordination between customer, sub contractors and 3rd party stakeholders

• Teamcoach, -facilitator og -mentor.

• IBM Agile Core Team


I gained a experience with:


• Resolving differences of opinion

• Collaboration in very complex interorganisational teams

• Recognising own technical limitations

• Applying a range of strategies to problem solving

• Reporting to executive management

• Working agile in a non-agile environment

IBM, Project manager & scrum master
March 2006 - March 2009, Aarhus, Denmark

Project: detransition

Client Danske Regioner

Role: PM

Experience: 5.000 hours



Carry out project management in a web portal maintenance project covering the remaining three years of an existing contract period. 


The web portal included online services to the general public as well as to health professionals. The web portal was - and still is - very popular being a second to none solution in a national eHealth context. During the project period the product recieved several national and international awards (


When taken over the project it was troubled with an immense need for change. The release handling was troubled, the communication and cooperation between the project parties was troubled, the motivation in the development team was low and the project needed an improved process framework. The project was informally known as the most unpopular project in the development organisation due to these issues.


Being first mover in the organisation I decided to implement scrum in the project which made a huge positive impact even after only a few weeks. The decision to implement an agile process turned out to be a cornerstone in the project resulting in a tremendous change on all levels and of the project. Based on the agile process platform we successfully improved on more than 1.000 specific actions i.a. benefitting from the scrum retrospective framework.


By the end of the project the team had recieved much credit and appreciation from the organisation and from the customer - also winning several recognition awards as a development team. On several occasions the team and the project served as showcase internally in the development organisation and many other in-house projects benefitted from our agile experiences. Several years after project closure the team is still known as the highest performing team in IBM Denmark ever!


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