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Sankar Viswanathan


Program Manager, Honeywell Technology Solutions

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka/India


Certified ScrumMaster



I learnt about Agile and Scrum concepts in 2008 as Entire IT Industry are started focusing on Agile embracement in their development lifecycle.  Since, it is a Buzz word among the industry I started learning about to "Adaptive Planning". Thanks to differnent people including team - we learnt the concepts hard way and best way. We were able to show the results and continuous improvement after 4 sprints. After that I never even thought of executing any project in other way. After working as Scrum Master for around 3 years,  I got the role to coach and mentor few people on Scrum practices. Apart from being Scrum Master, I coach the teams in our organization in transforming Scrum. These teams are across globe. I have recently completed Lean Training as well. So, I also help them in applying some of the lean concepts like Visual stream mapping, waste observation & elimination, Process Design for Flow (Kanban), Built in Quality. These concepts & practices helps the teams in being innovative and in optimizing their work.

Work experience

Honeywell Technology Solutions, Program Manager
May 2010 - Present, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
In 2009, I was promoted as Program Manager in PMO organization and managing a projects in Agile, Waterfall and Iterative approach. My Responsibility includes training the PMs through IPMT - An Integrated Project Management Curriculum in Honeywell and conducted workshops on Agile Methodology.


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