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Sohrab Salimi
Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at ScrumAkademie by SE-Consulting GmbH.
Cologne (Köln) / Bonn / Dusseldorf (Düsseldorf) / Frankfurt / Munich (München) / Hamburg / Berlin, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland


Sohrab Salimi is a physician (medical doctor), Certified Scrum Trainer, and entrepreneur based in Cologne, Germany. He was born in Iran and came to Germany at the age of 4 with his parents. Growing up with both western and middle eastern culture, Sohrab loves spending time and having great (middle eastern) food with family and friends and values dedication to and precision at work.

As a trained physician Sohrab is passionate about making diagnosis on businesses, developing strategies (esp. innovation) for his clients, and building products using agile methodologies esp. Scrum.

As a Certified Scrum Trainer® Sohrab conducts certified workshops for ScrumMasters and Product Owners (what he loves most). In addition he leads the Agile Leadership Training initiative at one of the worlds most prestigious financial institutions. Further he coaches his clients' Scrum Team members and managers to continuously become better at what they do.

Sohrab is Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) at SE-Consulting, where he works primarily as Product Owner for internet businesses and Scrum Trainer. He co-founded bloxx media with a highschool friend, and was a Consultant at Bain & Company, where he served a multitude of international blue chip clients in various industries.

Sohrab graduated from RWTH Aachen University Medical School (MD) and Dusseldorf Business School (MBA). He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with many years of experience as a Scrum Trainer, Scrum Coach, Product Owner, and Scrum Master in various software and non-software projects. Sohrab is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Scrum Alliance - he was elected by the global community in 2017.

Sohrab is passionate about spending time with his family - he has three kids. He enjoys all kinds of sports (incl. football, crossfit, skiing and hiking), reading, cooking and travelling.

Work Experience

SE-Consulting GmbH, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
2011-01-01 - Present, Köln, , Germany

In my role as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) my task is primarily to identify new opportunities for my family's company. In close cooperation with our managing director and the rest of the executive management team I work on new projects and products on a regular basis. Usually I have the role of the product owner in our Scrum teams and am therefore responsible to build a product which not only suits our customers' needs but really excites them.

Since we work on many different products ranging from an online collaboration tool for students in Germany to highly specialized tools for the telecommunications industry e.g. data anonymization, automated monitoring and reporting, or business integration test automation tools I face the challenge of interacting with many different types of customers and users.

In my role as a Scrum Professional I work very closely with the whole Scrum team incl. our developers, testers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master. Despite my non-tech background I really enjoy evaluating with the team on how to implement certain features and thereby learning new things on a regular basis. I try to involve the team or individual members as much as possible in envisioning our products to make sure we build the right thing. Further I try to get their help as often as possible in backlog grooming to get stories to the right size and plan the sprint planning meetings accordingly.

I believe that working as a Scrum Professional, Product Owner, and ScrumMaster in a Scrum setting has contributed significantly to my experiences on working with people - not only in developing software or other products. Further it has given me some very interesting insights on how products (again not only software) can be built differently.

bloxx media GmbH, Co-Founder and Managing Director
2010-12-01 - 2015-07-31, Munich, , Germany

Together with a friend from highschool I co-founded bloxx media - a publishing company focusing on on-campus recruitment at Germany's most renowned universities. Without any external funding i.e. BAs or VCs we were able to built a profitable company within less than 12 months incl.

  • A client base of over 100 companies consisting of the most established national and international companies e.g. Siemens, McKinsey & Company, Daimler, BMW, Bosch, HARIBO
  • A huge campus network incl. Germany's most renowned universities e.g. RWTH Aachen, TU and LMU Munich, KIT and many others

After the first year of business we deicided to partner with an IT company to built an innovative collaboration tool focusing on students' needs using agile practices i.e. Scrum to develop the product. As the product owner I am primarily responsible on building the right thing the right way. Therefore I have been working very closely with the Scrum Team and the Scrum Master for the past 2 years on a day to day basis.

Bain & Company, Consultant
2008-10-01 - 2010-12-31, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Due to my background in medicine I worked primarily for clients in Bain's healthcare practice including world leading pharmaceutical and medtech companies and healthcare related private equity cases. In addition I worked on strategy development and marketing assignments for companies in the following sectors: Industrial Goods, Packing, Automotive, Financial Services, Chemicals, and several others.

As a consultant at Bain I covered one or several workstreams of a project by myself reporting to my manager and the partner on the case. I was involved in day to day client interaction both individual meetings and meetings with several participants where I often presented the results of my team's work.