Simon Sablowski
Agile Coach at agile42.
Berlin, Germany


Simon has spent several years working as a software developer, ScrumMaster and CTO.

His Scrum experience started when he co-founded a startup and was part of a cross-functional Scrum team of diversely skilled people ranging from software developers to psychologists. In a highly Agile fashion, they shipped new product increments iteratively and incrementally sprint after sprint, continuously optimised their processes and paired in order to find appropriate solutions for problems and improving their products.

Simon has truly fallen in love with working in an Agile way. Ever since he was introduced to Scrum, he has been dedicated to shortening feedback loops to accelerate learning and strengthening team collaboration and communication to maximise synergies and effectiveness.

Nowadays, as an Agile coach at agile42, Simon enjoys coaching and training teams and organisations that desire to attain higher productivity, continuous innovation and extraordinary performance.