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Work experience

Argos, Scrum Master
November 2014 - May 2016, , United Kingdom
Scrum master for a team working on improving customer experience and conversion on the checkout journey (eComm, mComm) for a retail company. Transitioned and coached the team to the use of scrum and kanban. Established and facilitated the scrum ceremonies while ensuring the team understood the value of these ceremonies. Helped and coached the team to devise a definition of ready and definition of done to improve their engineering practice. Coached team and product owner with stories writing: scenarios, BDD. Helped the product owner and team to visual product road map, minimum viable product, backlog through story mapping techniques. Attended daily scrum of scrums to raise team blockers to the larger organization. Gathered relevant metrics in order to monitor team improvement: velocity, project burn down. Protected the team from interruptions and distractions. Fostered a culture of transparency and waste identification.

Elekta, Scrum master
October 2013 - January 2014, , United Kingdom
Scrum master for a team developing software infrastructure for the next generation of radiotherapy equipment. Coached the team towards improving the way they work by following Agile and scrum processes while complying with the company processes. Assisted the product owner with the product backlog and stories mapping. Coached team in reducing dependency on a single person by coordinating workshops with SMEs to ensure domain knowledge transfer. Reached out to the larger company network in order to remove impediments. Gathered relevant metrics in order to monitor team improvement: business value, velocity. Protected the team from interruptions and distractions. Worked with other scrum masters to ensure that a consistent way of working across teams.

Cognizant, Scrum Master
November 2012 - April 2013, , United Kingdom
Client: Lloyds Banking Group - Part of the Galaxy and Digital Transformation program. Scrum master for a team working on Mobile RESTFul Application. Objective is to expose the REST services for the iOS application consumption. Coached team on scrum ceremonies, facilitation of the ceremonies (2 weeks iteration). Introduced and coached team on story definition, story acceptance criteria, definition of done, story tasks break down. Collected project metrics: velocity and achieved sprint commitment. Coached on close collaboration between build (Devs) and Test teams. Worked with project managers to produce the release road map. Coached team on the use of the IBM Rational Team Concert RTC to monitor sprint progress. Managed the release and sprint backlog using IBM RTC.

SITA, Scrum Master
July 2011 - November 2012, , United Kingdom
Various responsibilities in this role. - Scrum master for various teams at different times: 3 months experience in India - Bangalore/New Delhi, scrum master shared across 2 teams (offshore and onshore), remote scrum master for an offshore team. Central to the quality deliveries of these teams. - Helped with Agile Coach on scaled distributed agile with onshore and offshore teams using LeSS (inc. 3 months in India). - Worked closely with Senior Management to shape the growth of teams at offshore using LESS framework. - While scrum master of a team I facilitated scrum ceremonies for these teams in a 2 weeks sprint cycle. Worked with product owner and stakeholders to remove impediments identified by teams. Collected project metrics: velocity, capacity, achieved sprint commitment. Focused on continuous improvement within teams and instilled Agile principles and values. - Assisted with release planning and all aspects of the engagement with offshore by working directly with Senior Management at the offshore partners. - Was involved in the recruitment of offshore teams scrum masters and business analysts. - Coached and mentored offshore scrum masters to ensure Scrum and Agile principles/values are followed across the teams and resolved cross team dependencies. - Facilitated scrum masters Scrum of Scrums meeting (15+ SMs attending), group end of sprint review meetings, group retrospective and group sprint kick off (20+ teams). - Responsible for the department’s purchasing activities (30+ contractors, 2 offshore providers, hardware/software and trainings requisitions and receipts - up to $3M/year).


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