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Steven Matthies


Functional Product Specialist, AgileThought

Location: Tampa, FL


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Tampa Bay Agile


I currently serve as an agile Product Owner, because that is where my passion lies in agile project management. Getting into the nitty gritty details of defining the value that customers want and guiding teams to delivering that value is a tremendous opportunity each and every time.


In my career, I have gained experience acting as a Scrum Master and as a change agent for an organization's slow and at times pained agile transformation. These experiences are invaluable and reinforcement my pride and commitment to agile methodologies, because I have faced resistance, stood up to it, and saw the value that agile promises, delivered. 

Work experience

PowerChord MPH, ScrumMaster
February 2012 - Present, St. Petersburg , Florida, United States
I was hired as a junior Project Manager and was mentored by a Certified ScrumMaster within scrum projects prior to attaining my ScrumMaster certification, and have graduated to the primary ScrumMaster/Project Manager within the organization. I currently lead three simultaneous scrum projects.


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