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Stephen Billias


Communications Project Coordinator, Health New England

Location: Springfield, MA


Certified ScrumMaster



Stephen Billias is a creative writer and technical writer.  His seven published novels include The American Book of the Dead (Warner Books, 1988) and Quest for the 36 (Warner Books, 1989). Mr. Billias has also written several screenplays. In 2005 he sold an idea and treatment to the Animated Features division of the Disney Corporation. Mr. Billias lives in Deerfield, Massachusetts with his wife and teenage daughter.  In 2006, Mr. Billias founded the Shintaido Farm, a center for the practice of Shintaido, an esoteric Japanese martial art/body movement. Pictures of Shintaido Farm are available at:  Mr. Billias is currently President of the Board of Directors of Shintaido of America (SoA), a national non-profit group, and editor of the Body Dialogue newsletter for SoA.


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