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Rico Trevisan


ScrumMaster / Agile Coach, Agilar

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Certified Agile Leadership 1

Groups I belong to

Agile in Belgium


I started my indocrination in the Agile arts in 2008 when watching a friend become a Product Owner for an Agile cell within in a waterfall organization. His tales piqued my curiosity and I've started reading books, articles, and even followed a Certified Scrum Master training. The more I learn about it the more I realize that it's nothing more than 'advanced common sense' yet few companies have the courage to adopt it.

I'm currently working as an Agile Coach at Fluxys, working with a team of 150 people to bring agility to this organization.

At the core, I believe that information technology in its many forms - new technologies, gadgets, ideas - is what has shaped homo sapiens into our current form and what will propel it further (Stephen says it best). I believe we humans are social animals. In one hand, it's our duty to improve the situation of the people around us in order to improve ours. On the other hand, we are animals at the core - meaning that domination and power struggles will always exist in our society.

Work experience

Fluxys, Agile Coach
October 2015 - Present, Brussels, BE
Assisting the ICT Department to grown and modernize its approach on how it thinks about itself and how it organizes and rewards people.

Proximus, ScrumMaster - Web Domain
January 2012 - December 2014, Brussels, BE
Assisting the team to work more collaboratively and more independently.


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