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Raúl Sanz de Acedo Pérez


Project Manager, ATOS

Location: Madrid, Spain


Certified ScrumMaster



I am a Telecommunication Engineer, PMP and Certified Scrum Master with an MBA and big experience in the ICT sector performing different roles, from technical to management, which makes a very versatile professional of me. I can provide a strong technical background in software programming, architecture, requirements capture and analysis in Java and J2EE environments, and a broad knowledge of project management and a specialization in agile methodologies very appropriate to management of projects that deal with technology.

Work experience

ATOS, Project Manager
April 2014 - Present, , Madrid, ES
Project Management. Among my duties you can find proposals elaboration, estimation, economical, planning, analysis and testing management, stakeholder relation, project control and follow up, team, tasks and vendors management.. Projects/Products: 2016-Actual: Management of a project for the development of the necessary systems to run a Electronic Money Entity, with a team of 4 people: Challenges: integration with different systems, vague requisites management. Technologies: SOAP and REST web services, Java, bank core in the cloud, SQL Server, web application, Linux/Unix. 2015-2016: Management of up to 3 products of online banking for a Bank of Saudi Arabia together with all the enhancements associated, which makes up to 7 international projects, with a team up to 10 people: Al Mubasher project: online banking portal for main customers. Prepaid Cards project: online banking portal for expatriates. International project: online banking portal for the international expansion . Challenges: relation, collaboration and integration with the bank as many systems where being developed in parallel, also managing the deadlines and commitments since the members of the team was very volatile. Technologies: web services, Java, Backbase, DB2, mainframe, web applications, Linux/Unix.

CEIN, Project Manager - Expert ICT / Agile
July 2011 - April 2014, , Navarra, ES
2012-2014 (4 months): ICT4EVEU European project: 3 pilot experiences on roaming and ICT services for electric vehicles: Challenges: coordination among 18 partners involved, managing disagreements among them and coping with constant delays and changes. Technologies: web services, GPRS, smartphones applications, web applications, integration of hardware, OCPP, OCHP. Role: representing CEIN at the consortium and supporting the project leader in coordination duties among others. 2011-2012 (15 months): Digital Response: Government of Navarra project to support companies and professionals in the use and development of ICT in their business: Challenges and technologies: nothing interesting as it was not a software project. Role: training and consultancy to SMEs, non SM companies, freelance and entrepreneurs about ICT topics. Mainly, focusing on project management with agile methodologies. In this sense, training and support for the implementation of Scrum and Kanban, in three different teams of 7-10 people: 2 of them software development teams and 1 non-software development team.

CEIN, Responsible of Java and Open Source Centre
January 2007 - July 2011, , Navarra, ES
Support for business professionals in the development of ICT: Developing a 3 year strategy and managing the Centre based on it. Specializing on several areas: DTT, Open Source and project management. Project management in collaboration with companies from the ICT sector and, in the last stage, consultancy to companies from the ICT sector. Arranging dissemination and technical training sessions. Publishing articles in a monthly electronic newsletter. Managing the IT infrastructure. Managing the team by assigning tasks and, in the case of internal staff, a professional development plan including training and definition of annual goals linked to the payment of a bonus. This staff varied, depending on the projects, between 1 and 4 people. Projects: 2010-2011 (3 months): internal research project to create a test environment through a web portal and virtual machines. Technologies: Drupal, PHP, KVM, Linux (Redhat/CentOS). Role: requirements capture, analysis, management and development. 2009-2010 (12 months): Prof-ELP: European project to develop a digital professional language portfolio. Challenges: changes in partners during the project and different stakeholder’s opinions made very difficult the management of changes in the application to be developed. Technologies: J2EE, Java, Flex, JBoss, NoSQL data base, dotProject, Linux/Windows. Role: requirements capture, analysis, consulting and monitoring of the ICT subcontracted side and interlocution between the partners and the subcontracted company in charge of the software development. 2008-2009 (12 months): development of a management system of videos and MHP applications for a private DTT and analysis of possible interactive service, in collaboration with the UPNA for Aranguren City Council. Technologies: Java, MHP, Eclipse IDE, DTT set top boxes, DTT private channel test environment, Swing, Redmine, Linux (Redhat/CentOS), Windows. Role: requirements capture, analysis and project management. 2008-2008 (6 months): Management 2.0: collaborative project to develop a modular open source ERP, in a web environment, aimed at freelancers, SMEs and micro-SMEs. Challenges: new language (PHP) and complex collaboration among the numerous partners involved. Technologies: PHP, Java, Applets, Eclipse IDE, Javascript, Trac, Linux (Ubuntu). Role: representation of CEIN at the consortium and participation in the collaborative definition of the digital signature module. 2007-2008 (15 months): Design and implementation of a software platform to develop and maintain interactive services through digital terrestrial television (DTT), moved some of the services offered in to DTT. Challenges: was a great effort on my part due to qualitative leap in responsibility, new technology (MHP), and designing a complex system of data acquisition from different sources and formats also with complicated management and dialogue with different stakeholders. Technologies: Java, MHP, Eclipse IDE, IDesginer IDE, DTT set top boxes, DTT private channel test environment, SOAP, Tomact, MySQL, FTPs, MSSQL, Oracle, dotProject, Linux (Redhat/CentOS), Windows. Role: requirements capture, architecture, analysis, team building, execution and project management.

CEIN, Software programmer
October 2001 - December 2006, , Navarra, ES
Projects (62 months): EDUCA: a J2EE application against an Oracle database for the management of the whole educative system and public schools of Navarra: Challenges: dealing with integrations of new libraries, frameworks, changes of versions, migrations of data and managing huge structures of data. Technologies: SQL, Oracle database, TOAD, Enterprise Architect, J2EE, EJBs, JSPs, Servlets, JDO (Castor), Applets, Apache Velocity (templates), Log4j library, The Legion of the Bouncy Castle Cripto API, SSL, X.509 certificates, XML, XSL transformations, Foo library, Javascript (AJAX), GWT, YUI Library, oc4j server, JBoss server, Apache HTTP server, JBuilder IDE, Eclipse IDE, JUnit, Jira, Unix (Solaris), Linux (Redhat/CentOS), Windows. Role: requirements capture, analysis of data architecture, business logic programming (backend and front end: web tier), reporting generation, libraries integration, versions, data and tool migrations, deployment and configuration of a PKI system.


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