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Roger Pruyne


Software Developer

Location: Hollywood, CA


Certified ScrumMaster



I've been a web applications designer/developer since about 1998, and an artist my whole life. I do almost anything that interests me, quick with a solution, always up for a good challenge and ready to help anyone with a problem. My primary tool sets are PHP, MySQL, Java Script, AJAX, ASP, SQL, Access, Flash CS3, PhotoShop CS3 and HTML with a fair amount of experience with Action Script. Professionally I love to develop customer friendly dynamic interfaces as well as the backend which drives them.


Sustainability – drive a Mercedes that runs on vegetable oil, developing AJAX enabled to promote hydrogen on demand systems and farm-grown products to replace petroleum based fuel and plastics. Activism - Organizer of a Hollywood Meetup to promote liberty. Photography - assistant wedding and model photographer. Fashion – owned and designed an independent clothing. Security - completed Certified Ethical Hacker, Anti-hacking and Linux Networking Security classes, yearly attendee of Defcon. Technology - I'm a member of several online robotics groups working to extend the Open Automaton Project to include speech, gesture and object recognition, along with articulated hands and arms to become a home helper. Research - building a system to install on my Mercedes to produce hydrogen through low volt/amp electrolysis as needed with the goal to run vehicles on water.


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