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Robert Kalweit
Senior Agile Coach & Technical Project Manager at Self Employed.
Berlin, Germany


My name is Robert "Kalle" Kalweit. At least this is how I introduced myself at the startup I joined in 2007 and kept that nickname until leaving it 6 years later.

During those 6 years, until 2013, the company had grown to 200+ employees and had finally compensated the huge growth pain with a proper agile transition including fully cross-functional teams that were 90% independent of other teams, self organized and supported by ScrumMasters and Product Owners each.

This mix of self determination of a team and value driven prioritizing through POs retained most of the startup "We're all in this together" culture up until today.

From 2013 to 2015 I worked in a wonderful UX agency in Dublin, Ireland. My title being Project Manager, I changed the way we did projects from very very traditional waterfall with huge losses through handovers between phases, to cross-practice collaboration. The spirit of creating Kanban boards on any blank wall using masking tape still prevails.

From 2015 to 2017 I was driving the (slow) adoption of agile mindsets in a big Mobile SSP, again coming from silo teams, migrating to independent product lines.

On the side I was giving trainings (of course no certifications) to companies and teams interested in starting an agile transition. This has now developed into a full freelance Agile Coaching occupation.