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Richard Griffiths


Scrum Master

Location: Dublin, Ireland


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


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Richard Griffiths - Experienced in agile software development and release management with over 18 years of knowledge delivering enterprise applications through multiple release cycles. Skilled at leading teams, mentoring team members in developing architecture, design, and requirements, and establishing lightweight software configuration management and release processes to enable organizations to build stable products quickly.

I'll take the first rule of evangelising Agile in that you don't talk about agile. I'd rather spend the time finding out what the problem is and see what  useful solutions that may exist. Agile is not a process, it's a way of working, allowing needs to be met on both the team and customer sides.I'd also say I'll be honest about it. In any agile adoption avoiding mention of the pitfalls only sets up the team or customer for failure. Yes, failures exist, but learning from the failure is key and that's what I like to remind people of. It's ok to fail but learning from the failure is key.

I've spent a lot of time in software development, both failures and successes, long hours, death matches and the buzz of getting a product out on time.  Scrum works and I've seen it work. That's what makes my job interesting.


Work experience

MTT, Agile Evangelist
April 2016 - Present, Dublin, Ireland
Educate Colleagues at all levels, including senior, and at times clients, on Agile principles, providing them with tools for implementing the framework in their own work. Provide training sessions and teach valuable skills that lead toward the organization-wide adoption of Agile. As a mentor, guide teams in Agile, providing colleagues with feedback and means of improvement, catalysing organizational growth and answering questions. Provide hands-on support to all, collaborating with people across widely varying levels and roles, leading teams toward further understanding and adoption of Agile as well as overall company growth and improvement. Responsible for designing a strategy for the organizational adoption of Agile. This includes every stage of adoption, from the introduction of Agile and employee education, to fostering teams and cultures that practice Agile, to sustaining Agile methodologies and continually offering strategies for improvement. Implementing Agile approaches, principles and practices across all levels and departments in the organization. Increase collaboration, predictability, transparency and promote a culture of experimentation and innovation.

Globoforce, Scrum Master
December 2011 - April 2016, , Ireland
A scrum master and agile coach, working with two teams in the use and adaptation of Scrum for delivering “better software faster” and being responsible for the team’s adoption of Scrum and practice of the same.

Pocket Kings, Scrum Master
March 2010 - November 2011, Dublin, Ireland
Guiding multiple teams in the use and adaptation of Scrum for delivering “better software faster”, being responsible for the team’s adoption of Scrum and practice of the same; ensuring the Scrum framework is followed, including required meetings and artefacts; using “inspect and adapt” with teams to constantly improve performance and responsiveness; promoting a collaborative team environment that fosters creativity and innovation and mentoring team members. Full time Scrum master role for 2 teams.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Technical PM
June 2008 - March 2010, Dublin, Ireland
A technical project manager in the platforms division where my role has involved the management of remote, local and virtual teams in the support and maintenance of a number of core enterprise educational platforms using agile methods. Key responsibilities include the facilitation and overseeing work tasks and deliverables of functional groups and outsource partners on the team; supporting and managing the team in delivery from requirements, development, and QA through to release and post-production support; working with product owners, development, operational and technical support teams in managing and producing product and sprint backlogs; facilitating sprint planning and handling daily updates, retrospectives, issue escalation, risk analysis, and stakeholder communications. Scrum master on one project running from November 2008 through to January 2010.

Dell Inc., Application Development Lead
April 2006 - June 2008, Dublin, Ireland
Development/Application lead for the online commerce team in the EMEA region (the Dell store checkout) – managing a cross-functional (development, QA, business analysis) and geographically disperse team across multiple geographies that designed, developed, implemented and supported high quality software applications; ensuring that the development effort is fully integrated with the Technical Architecture, Quality Assurance and Project Management standards. Responsibilities included ensuring on time delivery by maintaining an adequately defined development schedule through agile development, identifying and managing risks, managing technical dependencies with other technical teams and third parties, improving quality and/or productivity, ensuring that audit & quality standards are maintained, project management of project and release schedule via SCRUM. Scrum master on Europe specific ecommerce application (dell store) from June 2006 through to June 2008, working with other application leads to move teams over to a Scrum approach during that period.

BearingPoint, Consultant
June 2004 - March 2006, Dublin, Ireland
Senior Consultant in the Systems Integration practice. Projects included the development and implementation of a single billing system for a major telecoms company (.Net, Windows and Web services, Oracle and XML) and the implementation of a pensions processing system for a government department, using SCRUM, agile development practices, test driven development and continuous integration with a java based framework in a distributed .Net environment .


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