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Ricardo Peters


Swiss Army Knife, Macgyver type, Peters Treinamentos

Location: Recife, PE, Brazil


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Deeply in tune with how teams adapt, develop and collaborate, Ricardo Peters stands as a facilitator when it comes to agility in practice straight from the trenches, helping teams and leaders in the transition to agile methods through his professional experience and his expertise in Agile and Management 3.0.

He works as a Project Manager for the most innovative research center in Brazil, CESAR ( where he practices his passion by enabling teams to reach their full potential. He is also Founder of Peters Treinamentos (, a training company based in Recife, Brazil where he aims to develop provocative, engaging, and energetic course experiences and presentations so people can learn and improve through an unconventional approach.

His first-hand knowledge of project management and agility was developed during his 20+ years in a wide range of roles in the IT industry. Passionate about agile methods and its results, Ricardo's focus is to bring people to work together and navigate through conflicting challenges, approaches, methods and organizational cultures. That does not mean he knows the recipe for success, only that he had the opportunity to face real work challenges of all sizes, flavors and colors. He is convinced that empowering people is the best way to build happy, productive workplaces, and that this leads to the development of surprising new opportunities.


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