Rachel Davies


Director, Agile Experience Limited

Location: Rugby, United Kingdom


Certified ScrumMaster


Rachel Davies is co-author of the first book on Agile Coaching. She directs Agile Experience Ltd a successful consulting business in UK which she founded in 2003.


Rachel provides expert coaching to agile teams to help them blend the best from DSDM, Lean, Scrum, and XP approaches to software development. She specializes in planning with user stories and retrospective facilitation.


Rachel is internationally recognised in her field, as a frequent presenter at industry conferences. She also loves to get behind the scenes and contribute to conference organization (like XPDay and Agile2008). She's provided Open Space facilitation for Scrum Gathering, Agile Coaches Gathering, and London XPDays. Rachel is also the longest serving director of the Agile Alliance.