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Ricardo Bahillo


IT Manager, Odigeo

Location: Madrid, Spain


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Spain


Ricardo Bahillo.

Work experience

Opodo, Chief Scrum Master
April 2008 - Present, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
I was the one in charge of the dev team of opodo. One of my porpouse as manager was to implement scrum in the company. Since the beggining we started aplaying small concepts of the Scrum framework. We started with the daily meetings and the task boards. After several months without progress i hire one Scrum evangelist (Ariel Ber) and i started applaying all the framework. We divided each project in user stories, i asked the team to estimate them and we built our first sprint backlog. After knowing the team velocity, we were able to build a burndown chart. The most dificult part was the retrospective, the team was not used to say our bad things and how to improve the process. We did it and now, the process is fully implemented in the team. We also implemented some technical stuff, like CI server, so there was an enviroment always ready for the demo step.


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