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Randy Ashton


Project Manager, Quadratic Solutions

Location: Boise, Idaho/USA



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Randy Ashton is an information technology (IT) professional with over thirty years in the industry and has focused on project management for the last fifteen.  Randy enjoys taking on highly visible and risky projects then using the power of teamwork to find innovative solutions that lead to success.  Randy mentors and coaches fellow Scrum practitioners, business and IT leaders, Project Managers and technical teams during project startup and execution.

Randy has provided project leadership in both the government and private sectors, specializing on Health and Human Services systems for the last seven years.  Clients have appreciated using the open, transparent processes provided by Agile and Scrum to transform their business and IT systems.

The most recent success with Scrum/Agile was entering a project that was using Scrum but failing to deliver working code on time.  Realizing that management was keeping teams from finding true empowerement, Randy convinced managers to step back and let teams organize themselves to the work.  Teams quickly found new life and were willing to vote underperformers off.  Listening to the team's voices gave them respect they were lacking, and code started being created and tested that met with the Product Owners approval.  


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