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Patrick Sarfati


Agile Coach and Trainer, SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING

Location: Nice, France

+33 661140726


BIO Patrick Sarfati

Patrick has 18 years experience in Training and Coaching as International Consultant in Software Methodologies : SCRUM, eXtreme Programming, Management 3.0, UP, TDD and CMMI

Patrick has successfully driven the first worldwide CMMI Certification for HP Software in 2005 and included Scrum and eXtreme Programming in it to improve agility, quality, productivity and team accountability

Member of the Scrum Alliance, Patrick is eXtreme Programming Coach and Trainer since 2003,  Scrum Coach and Trainer since 2005, and Licensed Trainer for Management 3.0 and REP CSD Trainer 

Patrick is speaker at several important Agile events such as Agile Tour , Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gathering, ScrumDay, French SUG events ,...

Patrick has founded and is the organizer of the French Scrum User Group in Sophia Antipolis

Patrick has successfully trained and coached several hundreds of Scrum masters and scrum team members in France, England, Germany, Belgium and is familiar with coaching and training people multicultural :  India,  China, USA, Europe.

Patrick Agile Coaching proved to be very efficient on Projects cross-sites, cross-country, helping to handle the complexity of software developments and deliver on time, in budget with high level of predictability, for all project scales, from few man years to several hundreds of man year project size

Patrick has provided long missions for major IT companies such as Amadeus, HP, ALCATEL LUCENT, SCHLUMBERGER, BMC Software, …


Work experience

SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING, Scrum Coach and Trainer
July 2012 - Present, Antwerp, Belgium
Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker AGILE– SCRUM – EXTREME PROGRAMMING - PROJECT MANAGEMENT Coach Supporting Agile Transformation of Amadeus Antwerp (XSAT). Scrum Training to all Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Team Members and Management. And Specific Trainings 'Agile for Managers' to Line Managers and Top Management. Coaching and accompaniment. Scrum of Scrum, 4 Scrum Teams, Each Scrum Team is cross functional (Analysis, UI, BE, QA). Monitoring of Productivity and Predictability, based on velocity measurement: increase by 50%. Teams empowered, and using fully Scrum Framework In parallel several missions of Scrum training and Coaching for Start-Ups. Training and Coaching of several Projects of Amadeus Nice. Productivity doubled in 2 months. Training eXtreme Programming in Practice to BMC Software Sophia Antipolis / France. 'Agile Management' Workshop to 80 Managers and Scrum Masters (65% Managers and top Managers). Scrum Master of an ISO 9000 Compliance Project from January 2013 up to Dec 2013. Speaker at Agile Tour Päris/ France Nov 2012 @Microsoft. Speaker at Global Scrum Gathering Paris/ France September 2013. Speaker at French Scrum User Group Paris / France Nov 2013 @Google. Speaker at Agile Tour Sophia Antipolis / France Dec 2013. Founder and organizer of the French Scrum User Group in Sophia Antipolis.

SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING, Scrum Coach and Trainer
March 2010 - June 2012, Sophia Antipolis, France
 2010: Scrum Coaching for Amadeus on AMEX Cross Continents Project (~250 man/years, France, USA and India) by implementing SCRUM process, and harmonized monitoring process  2011-2012: Training and coaching Scrum to more than 300 Engineers, Coaching of over 30 SCRUM Teams.  Coaching Key Projects to reach their goal (Schedule, Cost, Quality) with SCRUM  SCrum Training and Coaching for NUMARA Software Company, France/ Sophia Antipolis on largest ever Product Release they ever developed.  Scope: IT, Countries: England, Germany, Belgium, France.

November 2006 - December 2009, Sophia Antipolis, France
 Nov 2006- Dec 2009: AMADEUS (world leader IT solutions for Airlines), BMC Software.  CMMI audit & certification of key Projects, in close collaboration with VP, Directors, & Project Managers  Coaching Key Projects to reach their goal (Schedule, Cost, Quality) with SCRUM

SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING, CMMI and Scrum Coach and Trainer
November 2004 - October 2006, Sophia Antipolis, France
 Nov 2004 – Oct 2006: Hewlett-Packard OpenView, France.  Driving Key Projects to success with SCRUM & eXtreme Programming.  Leading & obtaining Official CMMI certification in 18 months with Scrum inside.  Effective Software Process improvement in international context software Projects (US, India, China).

SOFT METHOD ENGINEERING, Process Consultant / UP/RUP/ TL9000/AGile / eXtreme Programming
July 2000 - November 2004, Sophia Antipolis, France
 July 2000 – Nov 2004: Hewlett-Packard TELECOM OCBU, France.  Set-up of Iterative Process (UP/RUP) and Agile eXtreme Programming.  Quality Management, effective Software Process improvement on Projects.  Full TL 9000 (Software Telecom) assessment & certification preparation.  Support during merge between HP & Compaq Telecom: reconciling methods, & team building.  Coaching Project Managers in international multi-cultural context, mixing teams from Europe, U.S., India, and China.


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