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Peter Rey


Manager R&D Integration, Scrum Coach, EROWA AG

Location: B├╝ron LU, Switzerland



Certified ScrumMaster



Peter Rey, CSP, CSM


I have been involved with Agile projects since 2007 - actually since I started to work for bbv Software Services AG.
I was lucky to join the company right at a time when a new development project had been started in the MedTech field.
The goal was to use TDD and Scrum.
At the end of 2008 we finished the project with up to 10 developers, a bunch of first hand scrum experiences and a happy customer who's ordered software was almost ready to get approved by FDA.

Since about five years, I have the opportunity to promote Scrum at various events inside and outside of our company.
I also lead 1 to 2 days workshops about Agile & Scrum in various companies (insurance, power trading, robotics) in groups of 2 to 16 people.
My long year project experiences in various companies and fields in Switzerland and the U.S. help a lot.

I really enjoy doing this job next to introducing Scrum in the SW development team of an international automation and robotics company in Switzerland, where I started as ScrumMaster & Scrum Coach and know working as Product Owner in the team. We build up a new version of their control system using Scrum and TDD.

1999-2007 I was working for a small engineering company developing software for turbine blades manufacturing.
It also included deployment, setup and training in manufacturing plants world wide.

1995-1998 I was living three years in the US and was working in Post Falls U.S.A for an aerospace supplier company and a fineblanking company.


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