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Dragan Šegedin


CEO, Project Management & Business Consulting Office

Location: Prague



Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Croatia



Dragan Šegedin, M.Tech
Senior Project Manager / Product Manager - Delivery Service responsible

    Senior  Project Management Transition & Transformation DACH, Italy, CEE in IBM Client Innovation Center Central Europe (Brno, CZ)
Owner of  Project Management & Business Consulting Office (Prague, CZ)
Core, IN & VAS Customer Project Manager for Ericsson Madagascar
Technical Product Manager / CTO for 3G GSM Launch in Rwandatel SA (Kigali/Rwanda)
SI Customer Project Manager  - Ericsson a.s.
    Programe Manager in Karneval Media (CATV company)

Work experience

IBM Client Innovation Center, Technical Solution Manager
August 2015 - Present, Brno, Brno, CZ
Senior Project Manager and technical Solution Manager for Germany, Italy and DACH

Tecnotree, Customer Project Manager / System Integrator with Product support
May 2014 - November 2014, Dubai, State.AE.DU, AE
Programme delivery for Lap GreenN (3 countries) (1) Responsible for Programme delivery: BSS Upgrade for in 3 OPCO's: UTL Uganda, Gemetel - South Sudan and Oricel Ivory Coast. New product delivery to GMM Thailand (2) Responsible for first deployment of new & strategic product line: BSS Express in Satellite & Entertainment company called GMM (Bangkok, Thailand) Supporting product development and been responsible for first delivery of new product named "BSS express", the first monolithic product: CBS & Care (with Provisioning). Full responsibility for System Integration / Service Delivery and partly responsible for Product shaping as delivery in double role: Technical Project Manager and Customer Project/Service Manager. On-Site delivery with cca 15 people and internally with cca 50+. Aptitude for both analyzing technical concepts and translating them into business terms, and for mapping business requirements to technical solutions. Required knowledge of: Asset Management, Treasury and Trading (from customer’s side) Required functional and technical knowledge, with final offer of Managemnt Services (Service Delivery and Support) Project delivery cost cca 4000+ MDs - direct work + cca 1500 MDs . Innovative, strategic, multinational, without delay ... for senors only

Ericsson, CPM for Mobile Broadband Charging
August 2012 - December 2012, Brussels , BE
Short, eleven weeks long pre-sales project for Mobistar, Belgium (Brussels). Ericsson Belgium offer new Mobile Broadband Charging system as replacement of old one but from the level of prime integration; Solution Description is taken in consideration almost all elements on BSS level; all of them are tailored for Mobistar on unique madden on IT centric way. Offer consists of few solutions, following each phase of implementation of other nodes (following moving targets in implementation). Offer should consider also sales opportunity for BSCS (new billing system replacement) and SAPC (police controller, to replace PCRF). GR Integration opportunities. Aligned with business requirements across several countries (Orange group). Delivered documents should cover all main streams: Customer Services, Implementation, Integration, Migration, Operability, Performance & Capacity, Hardware & Licensing and Governance (Project, Testing, Change Management, Quality Control)

Ericsson Congo Brazzaville , Pre-Sales and Customer Operation Manager / Business Analyst
June 2011 - June 2012, Brazzaville, CG
Pre-Sales and Customer Operation Manager / Business Analyst for (06/2011 – 06/2012) Working as CFR Customer Fulfillment Responsible (PM Director) in this slim organization scope of work is very close to Program Management position on operator side Drive delivery for MTN (Congo BZV) account on IN & VAS projects as part of CS5 upgrade as one of the on first in MTN group. (1) Charging System 5 (CS5) project (2) Geography Redundancy: SDP Geo. Redundancy with MINSAT upgrade and CCN MIDI to MAXI upgrade, (3) Tariff Plan Migration (4) Billing: BSCS IX R2 product – 6 major upgrades and integration work on billing system BSCS with Oracle, The most important part of delivery was CIP/IP downgrader: definition, development, implementation and testing strategy (test env. & end-to-end testing in live network): • Drive troubleshooting, • Lead the Quality teams and drive test time/cost reduction • Interfacing with other development 3PP teams Support all pre-sales activities in MTN group: 3G tender for MTN (Core). Drive 2 x PM for CS5 and 1 x PM for BSCS delivery Delivery budget: 42 Mil. Euro (6500 MDs)

Ericsson Nippon KK, Program Director / Solution Architect for VAS & M&A / OSS
June 2010 - June 2010, Tokyo, JP
Program Director / Solution Architect for VAS & M&A / OSS for Ericsson Nippon KK, (06/2010 – 06/2011) LTE project! Drive delivery for SoftBank Mobile (Tokyo) account on Multimedia & Applications projects on first LTE project in Japan. Projects deliverable consist of: IPBB project delivery: • 32 x Cisco Catalyst , • 6 x RSR (SmartEdge1200H) expansion for Test bed and commercial network (4 sites: for 3G site & LTE ) M & A project delivery • 2 x EMM 7.2 installation (on testbed and commercial side), • 1 x MMOM and 1 x G-CDR Storage server with pre-sales activities inside (local product line) • OSS 11.2 is plan of delivery with upgrade e/o November Integration & Testing responsibilities for New release of MMOM Team of 26 engineers, 1 x TPM (Total Project Manager) + 6 x CPM. (Customer Project Manager) + HW team in Mexico, remotely Delivery budget: 56 Mil. Euro (4600 MDs)

Ericsson Haiti, CORE Customer Project Manager / Service Operation Manager
November 2009 - June 2010, Port-au-Prince, HT
CORE Customer Project Manager / Service Operation Manager for Ericsson AB, Branch office Haiti (11/2009 – 06/2010) Working for Digicel Haiti, account on CORE projects with extensions form 1.8 to 3 mil. Subs. Projects deliverable consist of: CORE project: • 6 x BSC EVO8100, • 3 x BSC HD expansion, • 2 x MSC Blade Cluster installation & integration with Wireshark server, Packet core: 2 x SGSN and 2 x GGSN (2010B) installations, data flow redundancy System integration, migration & Solution responsibilities: • Migrations: Gb/IP, A/IP, ABIS / IP (planned not done), • OSS RC 10 to 11.1 upgrade Team of 12 engineers, 1 x TPM (Total project Manager) + 2 x CPM (Customer Project Mangers)


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