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Pratip Dasgupta, AgileCoach and Senior Scrum Master


Agile Coach and Senior Scrum Master, Etelligent Group

Location: Boston, MA


Certified Scrum Professional
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Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Pratip Dasgupta

My name is Pratip Dasgupta and I am an experience IT professional holding a Bachelor of Engineering from Mangalore University and an MBA degree from Emory University. Currently, I am also a certified ITIL V3 Foundation, a registered trademark of the United Kingdom’s cabinet office, CMMI ATM administered by Carnegie Mellon University, PMP from the Project Management Institute , Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner from the Scrum Alliance and a certified SAFe practitioner from the Scaled Agile Academy.  My domain experience spans Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services and Healthcare.

I began my career as a software developer back in 1996. I had primarily been working on custom development projects and over the years gradually moved up the ranks to a senior project manager and a scrum master. Initially, I have been working in waterfall projects and then RUP projects and from October of 2010, I have been working on agile/scrum projects. I have over nine years of development experience and eight years of management experience managing complex, enterprise wide software development and implementation projects.

I first started working with agile projects in Etelligent Group in October of 2010. From the onset, I have been very successful in delivering projects in scrum. The reason I give myself is that I am a firm believer in scrum principles and the benefits they bring to an organization in delivering software projects.  I have also actively immersed myself in scrum and its learning in the form of researching and studying about the principles of scrum, attending workshops and webinars etc.  I grasped the various benefits of implementing projects in scrum and then have implemented those principles in my professional career. In my early career, as a scrum practitioner, I have done a lot of self-study from different text books and the tried to apply those principles that made practical sense in my professional job. I have and continue to keep myself abreast of new topics in scrum and look for practical adoption of the principles I have learned.

After Etelligent Group, I joined NTT Data where I was placed with their client – a leading medical insurance provider as a Scrum Master. I started as the scrum master of one team and then within six months, I was also handed the responsibility of leading another team.  After NTT Data, I got an exciting opportunity with Carlisle and Gallagher consulting Group. Carlisle and Gallagher Consulting Group has placed me with their client – a fortune 100 financial services company where I am currently leading two scrum teams and also a scrum team member in a process optimization scrum team. In all my engagements, I have consulted and preached values of scrum and delivered projects successfully in scrum methodology.  I have been recognized both internally by my employer as well as their clients in my scrum adoption practices and transferring that principles and knowledge to the different team members I have been leading.

I received my first formal education in Scrum from Pete Deemer as a participant in the Certified Scrum Master course and it was an eye opener for me. It further emphasized my beliefs in the methodology of scrum and strengthened my determination in practicing those principles in my professional life. I have grown over the last three years as a highly skilled scrum master and my current client terms me as an “UBER” scrum master. A number of high profile projects are assigned to me and I keep delivering them based on my education, training and professional experience.

I do believe that continuous education is key to keeping one abreast on the scrum topic and being successful in the professional arena. To that effect, I have made efforts to keep my knowledge updated. After Pete’s course, I have attended numerous seminars on scrum, attended webinars as well as training from both scrum alliance certified trainers as well as outside trainers. This includes my Certified Scrum Product Owner training from Scrum Alliance REPs as well as attaining the certified SAFe practitioner training and getting certified for the same. I have also taken time to read different books on the topic including Agile Testing and Agile Estimating and Planning.  All these training and experience has helped me achieve where I am today.  I also do believe in giving back to the community and have done volunteer workshops for Etelligent at the sole request of its director.

Currently, not only am I a scrum master for development teams within my client, I am also invited by management in different process improvement workshops where my inputs have been well appreciated and my suggestions on scrum process rolled out to the organization. My client looks to me both as a scrum master as well as a “coach”. I juggle my responsibilities as a scrum master, mentoring junior scrum masters on the principles and application of scrum as well as driving process innovation in the agile arena.

The last three and a half years has been very rewarding for me and I would like to continue my scrum journey by applying for the CSP certification. I have successfully completed the application requirements as well as continue to practice scrum on a day to day basis. Furthermore, I would also like to keep on learning more on the topic by all avenues possible including participating in different gatherings, attending workshops, studying text books and attending different seminars.

The 2014 Global Scrum Alliance meeting at New Orleans from May 5 to May 7 2014 was my first global scrum alliance meeting. It was a very positive experience for me. It was great to see both Pete and Jesse out there who had trained me in the CSM and the CSPO classes plus all the key note speakers were amazing and the breakout sessions fabulous. I learned a lot from the conference in these formal sessions plus having casual conversations in the hallways where the more experience agilists would pass on valuable nuggets of information. I can truly say I am a much more educated and a better scrum practitioner because of the conference and cannot wait to go to the next one.

My goal is eventually to be a Certified Scrum Trainer and train new and upcoming scrum masters and product owners so that they can spread the good message and value that scrum brings to different organizations. That is the way I would like to give back to the scrum alliance and the agile community.



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