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Pinto Baby Ainickal



Certified ScrumMaster



Pinto Ainickal has over 28 years experience in IT Industry. Prior to UST Global where he is presently working, he has been with Wal-Mart, MCI, Informix Inc. & Industrial Development Bank of India(IDBI) across domains like retail,banking,manufacturing,healthcare,telcom,HR,finance etc. having various Technologies. He has the killer combination of strong technical and managerial skills and has an excellent track record in various capacities. In UST, he was the Technical Solution Manager for Asia Pacific and was instrumental in building two major accounts;Hanes Brands & DHL. With vast practical experience he has provided clients solutions that are scalable. Always keen on taking up challenges he has exceeded client expectations every time thus he maintains relationships with the Clients and teams even after moving on to different accounts. Pinto is known for his strong personal ethics. Always seen as a "friend in need" among Ussociates, he regularly provides consulting to other accounts


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